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Heathrow Testing Biometric Controls On Passengers

By: James Marriot | Jan 10 2007 | 318 words | 695 hits

Passing the security checks gets tougher for the passengers at Heathrow airport.

As part of a security exercise, Dubai & Hong Kong bound Cathay Pacific & Emirates flight passengers at London's Heathrow Airport had to pass through biometric fingerprint & iris scanning.

This exercise trial is voluntary, and will last till the end of January 2007. About 2,000 passengers will be enrolled in this trial using Cathay Pacific & Emirates Airways at Heathrow's Terminal 3. At the trial time basic & advanced biometric check-ups will be conducted.

The UK govt. and the airport authorities claim that the implementation of new system will perk up security & border controls by permitting travelers to bypass long lines at security & immigration---but in reality, the air traveler must still get through the main security check & X-ray check airport holdup even after passing through the automated biometric check.

Speaking on the launch of Heathrow's Airport's biometric screening trial, Minister for immigration, Liam Byrne, said that with biometric screening illegal entry wouldn't be easy in the country. He ignored concerns from the civil liberties about the rising collection & biometric data use.

The Minister said that this technology would not only help in securing borders but also help passengers when they are traveling by saving their time. He further added that this technology would become popular very soon.

As per RNCOS report "World Biometric Market Outlook (2005-2008)", Biometrics have key applications in different Industries like Banking & Financial Services, Health Care Industry, Aviation Industry, Police Business Processes, Residential Locations, Government Organizations, Credit Monitoring Organizations, etc.

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