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New Systems Come To the Reaper of Souls Expansion

By: | Nov 14 2013 | 496 words | 2868 hits

The Diablo 3 Team launched a new system panel on BlizzCon 2013, they covered some new systems the Reaper of Souls expansion in it, involved the Crusader class, changes for the existing classes and some of the new itemization tweaks we can expect to see in Loot 2.0. Let's talk about the details on the new panel.

The first introduction is the Crusader for the new class. The Crusader need complete one of the most complex tasks in an RPG which started with a simple concept. Then the next step was to animate the Crusader and give it a presence in game. But the animation team will encounter with the signature flail weapon, because it has hard time to get it acted correctly. The Crusader will hold for a moment to gather and release the energy. The last step is working on the skills which should reflect the roots of the class. So they decide to design the skills to give it a variety of ranged attacks.

The second section is The skilled Crusader. The Crusader's resource called Wrath which can be generated by melee attack skills. He can use the Wrath to unleash powerful ranged and AoE attacks. The AoE attacks also compensate for the slowness of his melee attacks by allowing him to hit more monsters at once. Another skill the team tested for the Crusader is Crushing Resolve, attack speed and number of monsters attacked will be increased on each strike. Fist of the Heavens was a skill that saw no change from conception to implementation on the opposite end of the spectrum. It will help the often surrounded Crusader to clear surrounding enemies. And there is other skill which came from the idea of the battle-scarred Knight, the Crusader summons a spectral horse and rides it straight through any enemies in his path.

The third part of the panel is Wyatt Cheng go through the changes scheduled for his 5 favorite classes. The team want to make sure they stayed true to their existing archetypes when looking at the existing classes. What's more, the team decide to use a curse to defense the Witch Doctor's new skill.

The last section of the panel focused on new changes to itemization. First, you can use transmogrification to change the appearance of your items to the appearance of any item you owned at any point. The second items allow you to choose one property on an item and reroll it.

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