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TECHNOLOGY GAMES What Do You Expect for Old School Runescape in 2014?

What Do You Expect for Old School Runescape in 2014?

By: Melissa | Nov 14 2013 | 503 words | 1187 hits

Though the number of the Old School is decreasing in 2013, Old School Runscape is still huge number of players' favorite game. "2014-Have your say" now is in progress in Runescape. Players are able to speak out what they want the Old School Runescape to be in 2014. Rsorder is so delighted to see so many players are interested in this activity and is honored to announce that players can buy no matter how much rs gold there at a lower price than ever. It seems crazy that rsorder will sacrifice so much to give astonishing favors to all players for more pleasure in Runescape.

Should Clan Wars minigames be implemneted into oldschool Runescape?

Since the first release of Minigames in Runescape, more and more players are obsessed with them and the generous rewards of minigame also draw some players' attention. What if the clan war minigames become possible in 2014 in RS Oldschool? Clan Wars is one of the most-played and active minigames on Runescape. Prior to EOC, a lot of people enjoy spending countless hours at Clan Wars. I's reported that some players who played Runescape to ONLY do Clan Wars. Perhaps Clan Wars free-for-all Portals should also be a part of the minigame as there are players who enjoyed them more than the Purple Portal Clan Wars.

Why not add a way to get the stats from eocscape account over to the rs 07?

As a matter of fact, most rs 07 players are at 20s and have not got enough time to grind the stats again. It's unreasonable that there is no way for players to get the stats from the eocscape account to the rs 07. Things will be more than ridiculous if players are asked to restart another 7-8 years to start a new account because most of them have spent about 8 years in Runescape so far. It's been a deal killer when players know that their stats cannot be transferred after they have spent so many days and so much money in Old School Runescape.

Are you in support of adding new rewards in PvP and removing the wilderness?

Some players suggest that the 2014 rs 07 should do some changes in the PvP warzone and remove the wilderness once and for all in Old School Runescape. They would like to see a kind of new reward system added into the PvP worlds. Players will be attracted to the PvP Worlds and it will form another way of making money or getting exp multiplier or brawler gloves if players can successfully kill another player. The brawlers should be related to the wilderness directly so that it remains the only way to get them and kill other players. The former wilderness should be replaced by something sound and interesting.

"2014-Have your say" in the Old School Runescape will certainly need your voice and suggestions. To enjoy your ideal 07 rs, you can buy cheapest old school runescape gold from rsorder to renew your current records and level up quickly in Runescape right now.

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