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TECHNOLOGY GAMES What to expect about Bonus XP Weekends for Old School Runescape?

What to expect about Bonus XP Weekends for Old School Runescape?

By: RSorder | Nov 15 2013 | 434 words | 668 hits

Will you expect bonus xp weekends for old school runescape? The majority players believe that Bonus xp weekends will be beneficial for redemption of the account restarts on old school runescape. Moreover, bonus xp weekends can help players to get a lot of gaming done in half the time especially for hard-to-train skill, as well as receive lots of rs 07 gold for players. As for so many advantages of bonus xp weekends for old school runescape, what is your most expectation?

What Bonus XP Weekends like in rs 3?

Bonus XP Weekends are events where players receive bonus experience when training skills. The bonus experience is gained when performing most normal training activities, but does not apply to things like quest rewards, random event rewards, or D&D rewards.
In RuneScape 3, Jagex won't just slather a steady percentage increase all over players' XP bars. Instead, players will log in to find that their first half-hour of play has a 2.7x multiplier for training activities, and then every 30 minutes after that the rate will decrease until it bottoms out at 1.1x for the remainder of the weekend.

Which skills should be trained in Bonus XP Weekends?

1. Prayer: Prayer is by far the most expensive skill to level up in Runescape and would be the ideal skill to train for the upcoming Bonus XP Weekend.

2. Agility: Agility is definitely a Runescape skill that you would want to finish twice as fast and with the added Agility bonus added to other skills, using the Double XP Weekends to level Agility will help you benefit more than one skill.

3. Construction: Construction is also a good Bonus XP Weekend option because you can utilize your Home's butler to constantly supply you with wood and other Construction leveling materials - allowing you to take advantage of every second of XP bonuses.

4. Thieving: Thieving isn't expensive, but it's painfully repetitive, boring, and takes an extremely long time to level up. Take the advantage of Bonus XP Weekends will be great!

5. Herblore: With Runescape's Double XP Weekend, you'll be able to save a grip of cash and lots of time by choosing to level Herblore - a skill that can make you lots of money in the future.

Are you expecting for Bonus XP Weekends for old school runescape now? It may be unfair to players who aren't able to access old school runescape that weekend, but in RSorder's opinion, the benefits of Bonus XP Weekends are far greater than its shortcoming. Therefore, let's expect Bonus XP Weekends for old school runescape by finding a best site to buy 07 rs gold with RSorde together!

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