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TECHNOLOGY HARDWARE All about Wafer and Frosting Icing Sheets

All about Wafer and Frosting Icing Sheets

By: manager.article | Aug 23 2013 | 412 words | 563 hits

Icing sheets are popularly used while making a cake. It is a thin edible sheet that is used to give the finish to the cake. It smoothes and beautifies the cakes. This layer of icing can be used on almost all kinds of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, sweets, etc. It is made of pure sugar, and is very much safe to consume.

By using it you can give a beautiful finish and design to your cake. These sheets are very much flexible and give beautiful wrinkle free cake surface. There are two kinds of sheets: (1) wafer sheet, and (2) frosting sheets.

Wafer sheets are the edible icing sheets that are made of starch. It is a very thin icing cover that can be used for small family gatherings, as after a few time, it tends to get wrinkles. If you want to print something on it using an edible printer, the quality of prints on wafer papers will not be as high as frosting sheets. It is best to use for small occasions, like you kid's birthday party, and the prints that come excellent on these papers are flowers, nature, trees, vegetables, etc. Not every image printed on it will look better. Another drawback of this variety of icing papers is that it tends to curve if you have put the cake in fridge.

On the other hand, the frosting sheets are best all for everything. It is made from multiple layers of frosted sugar crystal, and more used by the cake manufactures. Most of the cakes making companies use it because of its advanced qualities, like its flexibility, taste, flavor, etc. The best quality of these frosting papers is that it observes the prime flavor, color of the cake. It does not melt even if there is a topping of whipped cream. Even more, you can use it with ice creams as well. It can be cut into any desired shape, and any thing or shape can be made from it.

Though, both the icing sheets last long but frosting sheets are live more. You can cut both kinds of papers in your desired shapes, according to the theme of the party or cake. Both are also available different colors, sizes, shapes, and flavors. But frosting sheets are preferred more than the former.

There are a number of icing sheet manufacturing companies, from where you can purchase it. There are many websites as well that deliver your order, once you have placed it on their website.

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