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TECHNOLOGY MOBILE How to Get Cash for Phones?

How to Get Cash for Phones?

By: Alex Berth | Mar 7 2014 | 505 words | 534 hits

Thanks to advanced technology and quality materials, many devices can be used successfully even after two years of operation, so that if you decide to get some cash for phones, you can turn to a specialized site, which deals with phone recycling for cash. I did that, because I got a new phone and I wanted to sell my phone. iGadgetsRecycled helps a lot if you want to sell phone for cash. Simply register the phone you want to sell there and get cash for phones.

Another solution if I decide to sell my mobile is to use a buy-back program from a local phone network. In this way, I can sell my phone for a voucher or get a discount for a new phone. Many companies turn to phone recycling for cash, since this helps protect the environment and also increase sales for new phones. The old telephone exchange is one of the awareness programs.

You can get cash for phones at iGadgetsRecycled, a company which will help you sell phone for cash and get another phone, too. In this way, you are encouraged to contribute to protecting the environment by saving energy and resources, and you can also get cash for phones.

The number of mobile phones outnumbers the population of the planet. If each owner would recycle a single device and would enter a program which offers cash for phones, we could save hundreds of tons of raw materials and reduce emissions. This would be the equivalent to removing a million cars from the traffic.

Mobile phones contain 16% valuable material (gold, silver, platinum). Therefore, recycling terminals reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserves natural resources. And you can even get a profit, if you decide to get cash for phones, by selling yours online.

A Deloitte survey shows that in 2007, 63% of mobile phones sold were replaced, only 3% of them were recycled. In 2012, this category of waste equaled the effect of 21 Boeing 747s. If you sell your phone and get cash for phones, you can seriously reduce these numbers.

Of the 50 million phones are globally replaced monthly, out of which only 10% are recycled. A million appliances recycled equates to reducing emissions of 1,368 cars. Sell your phone and get cash for phones, and we will all enjoy a cleaner environment.

You can get rid of old mobile phones that you no longer use and get cash for phones, while contributing to a greener and cleaner world. Cell phones, like any electronic product, are a potential source of environmental pollution when they are thrown at random. Therefore, much better and simple is to put them in designated collection points for recycling.

Regular phones can be sold to people who cannot afford a new one. Phones that are working can refurbished and reused in developing countries in Africa and Asia, thus facilitating access to mobile users with limited financial possibilities. Terminals and accessories that can not be repaired are dismantled and the constituent materials are recovered and reused to manufacture new equipment through a recycling process.


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Alex Berth is associated with iGadgetsRecycled as an author. iGadgetsRecycled is a growing company offering services like sell my phone, cash for phone and sell my mobile phone on best price.
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