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TECHNOLOGY NETWORKS Utility of After hours Network Support

Utility of After hours Network Support

By: Umar Daraz | Feb 1 2014 | 405 words | 494 hits

System of information and technology has made organizations or industries full dependent on NOC services. They can't be full active in performance in spite of it. System of telecommunications has tagged all of them in a chain. Downtime in connection or any hindrance in the network is not permissible in this service because of the fact that they are to give twenty hours service every day for the whole year.

This change has taken place, as change is needed by people in all spheres. As change is happening everyday hence change in duty is a must which is different compared to the past. Present age is a speed age and to move with it IT sector has to go a lot of change. People need performance of network at a high speed. The concept of of eight hours duty in every office was prevalent in the past. This concept has been changed due to work load on every department and every industry. This has changed the IT field to give maximum hours of duty. Many organizations, industries, offices are giving duty for five days or six days in a week but NOC has been providing nights and weekends network support to them.

The network processes have to run continuously. If network will not respond calmly then all the servers will not run properly and thus all the clients and customers will suffer. It is but natural that some problem may occur in the system, which needs quick maintenance so that customers do not suffer and their satisfaction should not go down. For that network operation service centre have a great duty to perform.

In the competitive market decline of profits is not tolerated, hence problem of network needs immediate solution. Network services are helping firms who are using the system by monitoring the network maintenance and solution of all other network related problems. For smooth working of network system highly skilled engineers, technicians and staff are kept by network operation centre who give their services for whole year and for every second. All the institutions that get the help of network get monitored so that the problems related network does not occur frequently. Problem may occur sometimes for which no special employee is to be kept to solve the problem. Assistance of NOC has reduced cost of the institution because they have not to pay to specific employee. Saved money can be utilized for the betterment of institution.


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ProVal Technologies provides reliable, secure and cost effective, 24/7 After Hours Network Support and Outsourced NOC Services for its Europe and US operations.
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