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TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMMING When Should You Hire iPhone App Developers? - A Myth Busted

When Should You Hire iPhone App Developers? - A Myth Busted

By: Yogesh Patel | Aug 8 2013 | 665 words | 424 hits

The answer to the above questions "when should you hire iPhone app developers?" is pretty simple, when you need an iPhone application to be developed. However, this is a common myth that most people have. The true answer is not as simple as it seems. Besides, those who have gone through many blogs and articles regarding the same, may have come across the articles stating "why should you hire iPhone app developers?" or something similar. But the difference between when and why is really important in this case. Before I go on explaining the difference between these two aspects, let us first understand a bit about the options that you may find in terms with the application development need.

When your firm is seeking for a solution with an iPhone app, most likely you will be left out with two options:

(1) The first option is to seek the help of a freelancer who can help you out with your iPhone application need.
(2) The second one is to seek the help of a professional iPhone application development company who is equipped with a team of professional and experienced iPhone app developers.

It will depend entirely up to you that which of the above option you prefer. Though hiring a freelancer may prove to be a cheap option as compared to that of a professional mobile application development company, but the fact is that most professionals and industry specialist SME's suggests to go for a company because of the credibility, experience as well as the assurance of the delivery of the project.

Once you have the clarity of the above aspects than you have to understand the difference between why and when should you hire iPhone app developers. The term why answers the questions that why your business should opt for iPhone application development services? To answer this question is quite easy and you would be able to find numerous articles and blogs on the internet regarding the same. In simple words, if you want an app for your business - let it be for business process improvement apps, gaming apps, buying and selling apps, etc. - you need to hire iPhone application development company.

So, when you really need to hire iPhone app developers?

Now comes the when part. For this you've to understand the business model offered by most mobile app development company. Generally, there are two business models followed by most vendors:

(1) Project Based Model, wherein the fixed cost will be given to you to accomplish the entire project.
(2) Hourly Based Model, wherein you will be actually able to hire professional dedicated iPhone app developers for your project.

So when your business is seeking to develop multiple apps or perhaps is seeking to integrate certain functionalities within your existing app than it is always good to hire dedicated iPhone app developers. This is because in this case rather than paying a fixed cost for the entire project, you will be paying only for the hours spent by the developers on your project. This model is best suitable, especially when you are not sure about your exact app requirement and logic, and chances are that you may need to integrate certain new functionalities during the actual development phase. In such a scenario, you can probably hire dedicated iPhone app developers for a particular month or fixed hours, wherein they will work exclusively for your project. The additional requirement or changes that may arise during the actual project development phase can be addressed quickly and easily, and you need not have to worry about the increase in the cost as you will be paying only for the hours invested behind the project or perhaps it already covers that if you have hired the dedicated developer for a month.

Finally, to summarize I hope this article helped you answer your question. Still if you've further questions / queries or suggestions for the same, please feel free to add in the comments below and I will make sure to improve / work on that part.


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