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TECHNOLOGY SECURITY The Romanian Security Project offers a setting for Hackers to Share

The Romanian Security Project offers a setting for Hackers to Share

By: Agnes Aldridge | Nov 14 2013 | 526 words | 1260 hits

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Hacking, send out some programs of your own, or start taking part in projects to challenge major corporate and government entities? You might be surprised at how useful these skills can be in the future - after all, the best way to patch holes is to work with the people who are best at finding them. If any of this sounds interesting to you, then we'd like to offer you the opportunity to join the Romanian Security Project, or the RSP, a hacking and intelligence center where you can talk with other hackers, share techniques, and even trade programs of various kinds as you set up your own accounts.

Before you get started, though, there are a few things you might want to know about the hacking culture and how to properly dive into it - or you'll get yourself into big trouble. Seriously. One of the best ways to start is by learning how to properly protect your machine. From using tools that can isolate content and protect your data to learning how to become anonymous online, a small amount of effort can deter most hackers from ever bothering with you. That's actually quite important whenever you visit any hacking destination, and it has the added benefits of teaching you some valuable things about technology.

Once you've learned how to protect yourself, it's time to learn about the many techniques that hackers can and do use on a regular basis. Many people have this idea that hacking is all about creating one program that will let you do whatever you want to whoever you want. That's... Not exactly true. Most programs only do one thing, or a small number of things at best, and the techniques go far beyond individual programs. Everything from grouping computers together to individually targeting areas can be involved with any specific hack.

Next, don't feel like you have to do all of it alone - many hacks are actually performed in teams, with various people covering a particular aspect of the operation. As you work with others in our project, you'll develop a better understanding of what it means to be independent and why it's not always the best choice.

Computers are the way of the future. We know that, you know that, and anybody who's actually paying attention knows that. The real question is whether or not you want to charge boldly ahead... Or find yourself left behind and vulnerable to anyone who wants to mess with you. Frankly, even if you don't plan to hack others, staying on top of things is a great way to protect yourself. It's up to you, really.

Oh, and yes, lots of people like to hack things for fun or profit. If you do something illegal and get caught, that's your fault and you probably won't be getting much help from anyone else. Hacking really does require serious dedication to do properly, and if you do it for the wrong reasons, you will be the one to take responsibility. We thought you should know before you come join us. If you can accept that, though, welcome to the RSP!

About author:
  The RSP focuses on organized Hacking techniques to improve the state of the world and keep skills fresh.  
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