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TECHNOLOGY SOFTWARE How to publish secured online magazine

How to publish secured online magazine

By: Kalitree | Jul 19 2013 | 323 words | 416 hits

Now as development of digital publishing, many magazines can be accessed easily on web. This is good for readers to gain better reading experience with lower cost. But for publishers, they are more concern about copyright and protection of their creations. To delete their worries, professional digital magazine software should offer them serials of options to create secured e-magazines. Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro is the good e magazine creator with those advanced features. Go on to check it out.

  1. How to ensure my copyright? Will content of e-magazine be copied and stolen?

    Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro is for converting PDF or image files to flash flip pages. After converted, output flip book is in SWF or JPEG format, as your choice. So text on it cannot be copied, and no one can steal your e-book.
  2. How to protect digital magazine from being downloaded and printed.

    There are options for you to disable download or print feature. Please go to Button Settings panel under Advanced Setting on Design tab > keep boxes behind Download and Print are blank > Save settings. So download or print button will not show on navigation bar of output flip book.

  3. I want to publish as private publication to my students not for public, how to?

    You can set a password to the specific single page, several pages or the whole digital book. Then anyone who wants to open page(s) of your magazine should first input correct password. Following guide you how to achieve it.

    Please turn to Design tab > Advanced Settings > Main Settings, then pull scroll bar down and find ‘‘Password’’. First Tick on box before Password. Second, input password on the text box. Third, set password starts from which page. Finally, click the blue tick on bottom to save above settings.

With solution of digital magazine maker, it is easy to make flash page flip magazines with security. What a good way to grow your publishing business with developing of tech and technology.

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