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TECHNOLOGY SOFTWARE Publish your eMagazine online through Google Drive

Publish your eMagazine online through Google Drive

By: Kalitree | Aug 10 2013 | 395 words | 1080 hits

When you have no website or your blog site is built by third party who does not allow you to upload folder files to host your eMagazine, how to publish your digital magazine to website or blog? This article will guide you with detail step by step.


Part 1: Make a digital magazine out of PDF and add flipping pages animation to it.

1. Get a digital magazine maker. Search it on Google, you may find many selections. After comparison and test, we found a pretty good digital magazine creator: Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro. Here we take it to go further steps.

2. Download the Kvisoft e magazine creator, and install it on your Windows laptop or desktop. After, just run the program for ready to create a beautiful digital magazine.

3. Import your PDF from local computer to magazine maker tool.
4. Design your own magazine with different template, unique background, good-looking layout display, etc. And enrich your magazine with video, music, hyperlink, SWF flash, and other multi-media files.

5. Output well-designed magazine as HTML format.


Then you could open index.html file to preview your flash digital magazine with flipping animation when you turn pages. It provides real reading experience as reading on print paper magazine.


Part 2: Publish created e magazine online by Google Drive.
1. Upload the whole output folder of flip-book style magazine to Google Drive.
2. Share the uploaded folder. Set sharing setting to be Public on web, anyone on the internet can find and view your file.
3. Open the index.html file and click Preview button.

Then a new window will be open to view the issue, and an URL appears on web browser. That is the link of your online magazine.

Part3: Ways of delivering your emagazine.
1. Send your magazine link to your friends, family, clients, and readers.
2. Share it via email.
3. Insert it to any website or blog.

4. Embed it to social media, like Facebook.

After publish your e-magazine online, you may read it on digital mobile readers, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Android smart phone, and so on. Why not has fun of reading anywhere and anytime? Furthermore, by one click on the Play button on flip flash magazine, it will auto play. So it allows you read electronic magazine without touching mobile to flip pages, which will free your hands and fingers while you are doing other things at the same time. Reading makes your life convenience more beautiful.


About author:
The author is a blogger on which is your reliable multimedia software provider that offers PDF and video tools. You can get Flipbook maker pro, video gallery, SWF to video, and more on Kvisoft. Also, you can get more information by visiting our website.
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