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TECHNOLOGY SOFTWARE What is Augmented Reality?

What is Augmented Reality?

By: imaginar | Jul 16 2013 | 401 words | 430 hits

Augmented Reality (AR) is terminology used for direct or indirect, live view of a physical, real world whose elements are computer generated with input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

It is believed that term Augmented reality is in use since 1990 but has become popular to consumers couple of years ago due to introduction of smartphone with complex features, as smartphone possess both hardware and software required for AR. Smartphone has required hardware such as Display, camera, sensor like accelerometer, GPS tracking and solid state compass. Smartphones have their own powerful programming language, which provide strong platform to develop complex algorithm and software for successful application.

Application Usage

Augmented reality has many applications and it can be useful in various areas like:

Architecture: - It is helpful for visualizing building 2D and 3D projects before the physical building is constructed.

Art: - It is a boon for disabled individuals to create art by using eye tracking by translating user's eye movements into drawings on screens.

Commerce: This technology is helpful to assist customer with the product previews, it help customer to look inside product packaging without opening and even through catalog and thus it is very much useful at Kiosk. It helps to integrate print and video marketing and thus it comes as a great assistance to modern marketing.

Education: Now a day is remote or interactive learning is much popular and thus by super imposing text, graphics, video, and audio it helps institute to create interactive curriculum and make learning fun for students.

Gaming: Augmented reality allows players of a digital game to have an experience of real world environment, in last decade there has been significance improvements in this domain due to advancement of technology resulting in better movement detection of a player.

Medical: It has equipped medical professional with more advanced information about the patients like heartbeat rate, the blood pressure, patient's organ current state by combining source of images such as an X-ray with video and thus help surgeons to detect actual problem and cure them on time.

Construction: There is huge demand for mobile application development for this industry. Applications are developed to visualize models of construction sites like underground structures, cables, pipes etc.

Apart from above mentioned industry use of AR is in Military, sports and entertainment, television etc. Experts believes that with the advancement of technology, it will become cheaper and widely available to common users to help with their day-to-day works.

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