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Air Conditioner Buying Tips

By: alexa sara | Dec 20 2012 | 500 words | 2260 hits

New air conditioners and repair services for it is always expensive and tough task. If you want to buy a new air conditioner and repairing services for your old unit then it is better to know important tips before making decisions. If you want to buy a new air conditioner and repair services, it may be confusing for you because of many brands available in the market. Here I am giving you some tips which will help you in finding best air conditioner and services for old one. It is always best for you to shop the air conditioner during the off seasons. Air conditioner and repair services charges are more expensive during the off seasons. It is best to shop air conditioner and services during cool seasons. So shop the air conditioner during fall and winter seasons before you need it. Different types of air conditioners are available including window air conditioners portable, through the wall and entire house units.

You need to decide first that what type of air conditioner you need. If you are living in apartment then may be you need a window or portable unit. If you are homeowner then you have two choices of air conditioner for entire house and single room. If you are going to market for a window, portable or through the wall unit, then look for air conditioner with an Energy Star rating. This feature can help air conditioner to use 10% less energy than non rated models. The air conditioner unit should also have an adjustable thermostat, numerous speeds, directional vents and all things that will help to cool your room while cutting your electricity bills. Before buying an air conditioner it is important to check the BTUs mean British Thermal Units or cooling capacity of air conditioner. A single room unit air conditioner has normally 5000 BTUs. Always remember that air conditioners have higher units of BTUs always have more cooling power than other units.

If you want to hire a contractor to repair old air conditioner or install a new air conditioner unit, you will need to locate the right contractor for this job. Don’t take quotes on phone or websites. The contractor must have experience and good name in the industry. It is important to buy high quality, branded air conditioner to avoid problems in the features. It is always recommended to check the warranty of air conditioner unit. Always buy air conditioners units from authorized dealer to have genuine warranty. If you want to cool many rooms then it is better to have central air conditioner. Central air conditioner will give you entire house comfort but it is also expensive in terms of initial cost. Many newer air conditioners come prepared with electrostatic filters. This kind of filter acts like a magnet to capture small elements of dust, pollen and dander. These air conditioner buying tips are always important to consider. A good air conditioner can provide you various benefits including cool atmosphere and less energy cost.


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