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How To Find A Military Fiber Optic Training Provider

By: Christine Harrell | Jul 15 2008 | 466 words | 137 hits

Providing fiber optic services to defense clients is not like working with a commercial customer. Military standards sometimes differ substantially from commercial guidelines and improper training will lead to improper installation which can mean lost contracts.

Military Experience Only:

When considering different providers for training or certification of your fiber optic services, one of the first things you should look at is the training provider's experience with military contracts. Find a company that has trained military personnel in fiber optic services. This means they have worked directly with one of the branches of the US armed services such as the Navy, the Marine Corps or the Army and provided education or certification to their technicians.

You can also look at companies who have provided training or certification for fiber optic services to some of the major defense contractors such as Boeing or Northrop Grumman. Verify that they have worked on military projects with these companies and not commercial/civilian projects.

Don't be afraid to use military jargon when evaluating a training contractor. If the trainer gives you a blank look when you throw out a term like MIL-STD-2042 it's time to cross that one off your list.

Training Customize To Your Needs:

Many training contractors offer courses tailored to your specific needs rather than trying to use the same course to educate everyone.

If your company is going to be offering very specific fiber optic services, you may not need the broad training some courses provide. By focusing courses on your specific needs your technicians can be trained in more depth. They don't have to learn a lot of unrelated information that will be useless once the course is over.

On the other hand, if you are training in preparation for certifications such as Delphi or ETA then you will need the broader range of knowledge. However even these courses can be customized to use your company's fiber optic service requirements as examples, which allows your technicians to relate to the material more easily.

There is an advantage to using a training company that will come to your location and work with your fiber optic tools. Your technicians will retain their training better if they are taught using the same equipment they will be taking on jobs, and you will save travel and lodging expenses.

Consider Value Rather Than Cost:

When dealing with military or other government contractors, proper training and certification is critical to being considered a qualified fiber optic services provider. Government regulations are generally very rigid and not open to interpretation.

Training is not the place to hunt for bargains. Cheap training is often just a waste of time and money. Courses taught by experienced and qualified instructors may cost a bit more, but your technicians get trained right the first time. Inexperienced instructors or new companies may be cheaper, but let them practice on someone else.

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