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TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY How can one raise their Business using toll-free numbers?

How can one raise their Business using toll-free numbers?

By: James Allen | Jan 30 2013 | 530 words | 2035 hits

There is no denying that a toll free number is increasingly becoming an almost indispensable asset for all businesses regardless of its size and scale of operations.

The basic advantage of toll free number is the customers will be only too willing to call you more often as they will not be required to pay the call charges. This will go a long way in helping you build a better customer rapport.

The toll free numbers are proving to be a powerful marketing tool to enlarge your customer base leading to greater sales revenue. Further, toll free number helps promote brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Please remember that frequent communication between your business and your customers is crucial for success in today's highly competitive market scenario.

Customers feel that businesses having toll free numbers are more professional and toll free number attracts nationwide and even global audience. Due to the affordability of toll free number, even small businesses can now enjoy level playing field with large businesses.

Toll free numbers are a convenient, cost-effective and assured way of attracting more customers to your business. Please also know that several surveys have conclusively revealed that trade ads mentioning toll free numbers elicit 40 percent more customer response than trade ads without toll free numbers.

A toll free number makes it helpful for your customers to reach you as often as they wish and get their complaints attended. In fact, toll free numbers are becoming more and more commonplace in the business world that customers legitimately expect you to have a toll free number.

It may even bee said that prospective customers nowadays avoid contacting business houses that have no toll free numbers. So, you should understand how much possible extra business you are losing without a toll free number.

With toll free numbers, you will be facilitating both existing as well as prospective customers to call you any day, at any time and free of charge. The plain truth is the easier you make it for your customers to reach you, the more likely they will remain a loyal customer. The success of any business lies in its having the most convenient and effective communication system - which is also one of its rewarding selling strategies.

To use your toll free number optimally, you should opt for a vanity toll free number. The chief benefit of a vanity toll free number is that it is much easier for a client to remember your toll free number than a standard toll free number.

There was hitherto a popular misconception that toll free numbers are only for big corporations. This is no longer the case. Having a toll free number lends your business added credibility and boosts your company's image. You could be working from inside your garage but the caller would never know.

More importantly, a toll free number also provides you portability. Even if you relocate your business, the customers may never know! You can always be reached by the same toll free number regardless of where you are located. Your incoming calls can be simply forwarded to your cell phone or any other landline phone. Interestingly, even if you change your service providers, you can still take your number with you.

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