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TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY Information Security Consulting Is A Business Need

Information Security Consulting Is A Business Need

By: Orson | Dec 25 2012 | 418 words | 2070 hits

Information today is available in bits and bytes. Contrary to tangible and physical assets, it is not recognizable or visible as a discreet asset. This poses a challenge for detecting any data security vulnerabilities. It could also cause a faulty sense of safety, since an enterprise can go on using information that a hacker might access and misuse. Organizations today have shown a keen sense to keep all their information safeguarded. As a result they resort to easy and useful information security consulting services.

Reasons for Information Security Consulting

Some of the important reasons for which companies resort to information security consulting are:-

* The occurrence of security breaches that result in financial losses.

* Client apprehension about any business damage in case of privacy violation or identity theft. This is truer in case of BPO's where it is crucial to demonstrate and maintain systematic confidentiality processes.

* Escalating occurrences of malicious insider activities

* Increased security hazards on account of vendors, suppliers and partners sharing a common information base

* Dissatisfied workers or ex-employees risking security by exploiting ineffective internal processes and systems

* The hazard of competitive intelligence theft as witnessed in eminent telecom enterprises

Today IT security consulting is a business need and numerous organizations have resorted to Information Security governance as a holistic approach to systematic enterprise risk management. This helps to ensure that information security is in line with an enterprise's strategic objectives and fulfills organizational goals.

Eminent companies involved in IT support services have come up with Information Security Consulting practices with a full range of services, helping clients to recognize, estimate and enhance the entire security status of an organization. These services are based on widely accepted identified standards and best industry practices cater to all organization requirements. Some of the core strengths of the services offered is:-

* Experience collected from multiple Information Security Consulting Projects

* Applauded by customers for domain experience & delivery efficiency

* Certified by eminent certifying councils

* Certified by multiple enterprises as consulting service partner

* Wide vertical experience with personalized vertical specific service packs

* Appreciated by partners, customers and analysts on overall maturity

In addition to this, they offer a set of benefits too. They are:-

* Enhanced enterprise security status

* Simplified and efficient security process

* Managed security risk and compliance

* Security alignment with business objectives

* Secure access to crucial business data

*Significant minimization in security incidents

This apart, the service providers own a team of certified security consultants who are experienced in the security domain and assists enterprises to build a strong security system and address and alleviate any security risks.


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