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Quick tips to consider while approaching test automation

By: Shekhar gupta | Feb 1 2014 | 486 words | 1480 hits

Automation testing has often been touted as a panacea for all ills associated with regular manual testing. Some of its proponents believe that nearly every test case can and should be automated and tout cost and time savings for forwarding their view point. One must approach automation testing with an open mind and look at its suitability for a specific case before jumping into it.

When to go in for automation testing

Even the most ardent supporters of automation testing would invariably admit that manual testing is inherently more flexible. Given the scenario one should ideally go for an automated testing when the frequency of tests is higher. Typically creating an automated test case takes time and is only cost effective if the tests need to be run at periodic intervals say at every milestone. Next one should definitely look to introduce test automation when they are primarily data driven. If a whole bunch of inputs are to be generated with different variations, an automated test case would be a perfect solution. Some automation testing company's typically tend to have pre-built platforms which are capable of generating a varied input and also offer great results during load testing. In case you are looking to run random tests, introducing test automation can be very beneficial.

Advantages of Test automation

Besides the obvious advantages of making substantial savings on both time and money, automation testing can free up your testing team from repetitive activities and they can focus on bigger challenges. Further if you decide to outsource and secure the services of leading automation testing company you are likely to receive formidable expertise and subsequently increase the overall test coverage. Further your product will be tested against test cases that get regularly updated as per changes in the application over its entire shelf life.

Choosing the right automation testing company

Given the pressure on software publishers to reduce their time to market, it is quite logical for them to consider the services of a specialized automation testing company.
However given the fact that every other software testing firm today claims to specialize in automation testing has made it difficult for companies to locate an ideal automation testing partner. Finding an effectual automation testing company that can deliver results give you substantial benefits of time and money is a challenge that can be best met by following a rigorous selection procedure. To start with you need seek details of a firms delivery strength, their expertise and even seek references. Ideally you should even try out a pilot project with a set of selected vendors and then choose the one which delivers exceptional results. A right automation testing company can often become the difference between the success and failure of your initiate to automate your test processes.

Last but not least, we believe the ideal scenario is always a combination of manual and automated testing where the best approach is used for specific parts of the testing process.

About author:
CresTech is a Software Testing Company providing independent software testing services. We have expert team of test engineers to provide functional, automation, security, performance testing services on web, desktop as well as mobile applications.
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