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TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY Remote Desktop Access: Androids and iPads for the Mobile Workforce

Remote Desktop Access: Androids and iPads for the Mobile Workforce

By: Orson | Jan 4 2013 | 412 words | 1152 hits

A globalized business environment is made up of multinational organizations with offices and clientele spread across nations, and a workforce operating out from these distant locations. The aggressive competitive environment has paved way for teams working together across multiple time zones. Remote working thus has become a vital factor in the drive for corporate success and employee productivity. Providing these workforce with an anytime anywhere access to their workstations will help them become mobile and ensure higher productivity.

Earlier, the most common method of providing mobility to the workforce was through a Virtual Private Network. Though VPN's used an encrypted system for access to the corporate network, the security of the data and information in transit was questionable. However, as technological innovations came around, remote desktop access technology has facilitated the remote teams an easy access to their files and folders thus bringing about increased productivity and business continuity while ensuring application security.

VPN access however works out as costly and risky options. Further, with the increasing number of handheld devices used for corporate communication, the business houses are challenged to find ways for providing full application availability from these remote devices, smartphones and tablets. These global organizations besides providing the workforce with mobility also needs to ensure that the vulnerable data is secure and does not leave the corporate network. The anytime anywhere access of the desktop at the workplace means even when the primary access device is lost, the workers should be able to access resources from any alternate device which might be an iPad or iPhone. Such iPad remote access will increase employee productivity even in case of non-mobile workforce.

Leading service providers have worked out iPad and Android remote desktop solutions to provide enterprises with cost-effective and efficient data access support systems for tablets and smartphones. These besides preventing data leakage facilitate complete application availability. The Android remote desktop environment is innovatively installed in the corporate network with user credentials to ensure secure usage. This also requires registrations of the physical or virtual desktops through database or end-users through the registration technology.

The appliance based solution from the leading service providers being an enterprise controlled and operated services does not open the corporate networks to any third party networks, thus ensuring prevention of data leakage for iPad and Android remote access. Further, users can download the free application for the App stores to their corporate machines or personal devices while leveraging the complete applications existing on the desktop along with security infrastructure.


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