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TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY Resourcemfg Has Manufacturing Strength Via Industry Participation

Resourcemfg Has Manufacturing Strength Via Industry Participation

By: Thomas Cutler | Dec 15 2006 | 413 words | 174 hits

ResourceMFG is the nation's leading manufacturing support organization. It focuses on the demands of the manufacturing sector to serve the needs of employees and customers. The company has immersed themselves in the manufacturing community and has close relationships with many support organizations.

ResourceMFG division vice-president, Julie Maydew noted, Ãâ‚ÅResourceMFG is the manufacturer's first choice for a partnership that goes beyond simply providing employees. We have immersed ourselves in the manufacturing community and are continually upgrading our tools for employee screening and qualification in order to meet the changing needs of this competitive market.Ãâ‚
ResourceMFG is a member of:
Ãâ‚ The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
Ãâ‚ The National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA)
Ãâ‚ The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)
And has affiliations with:
Ãâ‚ The American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)
Ãâ‚ The American Welding Society (AWS)
Ãâ‚ and many local manufacturing organizations.
ResourceMFG, in partnership with industry specialists develops and delivers manufacturing-specific training for staff and manufacturing-specific skills testing for clients. They specialize in workforce planning, development, implementation, and program management.
ResourceMFG is involved with the total spectrum of manufacturing positions including production, quality, maintenance, supervision, and all levels of management. The company serves a wide variety of industry segments that include automotive, electronic, machining, sheet metal, fabrication, and many other specialized producers.
The foundation of ResourceMFG is a commitment to understanding the specialized needs of clients, employees, and the community, which provide the foundation for success. Like the manufacturers they represent there is a philosophy of continuous improvement. ResourceMFG is dedicated to improving programs, processes, training and people to meet the diverse needs of the US manufacturing sector. A benchmark of the organization is on time delivery. The company understands manufacturing professionals and provides excellent programs and productive employees. ResourceMFG delivers the right person with the right skills at the right time.

Manufacturing is the sole focus of ResourceMFG allowing a better manufacturing workforce. ResourceMFG understands that it takes good people to get good results. Experienced manufacturing professionals know how to find the talent needed to deliver results for manufacturing businesses. ResourceMFG has been nationally recognized for having workforce management initiatives that impact the bottom line. In 2006 ResourceMFG won the Optimas award for "Financial Impact." This value allows the company to provide award winning workforce management capabilities and processes that produce better results. The key to delivering better manufacturing employees lies in the fact that it is all that ResourceMFG does. With superior screening, OSHA outreach programs and ongoing safety training, ResourceMFG delivers the kind of workers needed for every manufacturing facility.

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