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TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY The functions of colored master batch.

The functions of colored master batch.

By: Tony Lew | Nov 8 2013 | 345 words | 384 hits

Adding master batch filler in flat yarn extrusion is a traditional processing technology in colorful woven polypropylene bags manufacture, this technique has already been widely used by large woven bags enterprises.

However, this process method ingredient cumbersome to maneuver, especially when the use of a toner caused by a production environment pollution. According woven color and proportion of added business requirements in the production of ordinary calcium carbonate filler when the toner while adding filler made of colored, woven businesses use this colored filler lot easier. Because of this master batch is based on the special requirements of custom woven enterprise, or where it is only suitable for a family woven enterprises , the use of relatively narrow scope . Some calcium carbonate master batch production enterprises will titanium dioxide , brighteners, calcium carbonate powder made into a whitening effect with filler , this master batch applied to the material as raw material for recycling drawn flat yarn products among the effect is quite satisfactory, the majority of woven industry recognition.

Traditional production has anti-aging effects woven packaging products, is generally in the raw material in the production of flat wire when adding l-5% aging master batch made. Since calcium is far greater than the number of derivative pump polypropylene polymer materials, easy to guide people to products heat inside, so when the formula contains calcium carbonate, it will affect the ability of the material thermal oxidative aging. Another product surface prone to calcium carbonate powder, calcium carbonate, and thus does not affect the products in the acid environment of steady rain. Anti-aging polypropylene woven products which can only join a few ordinary calcium carbonate master batch. Talc Density 2.7-2.8g/cm3, PH value of 7.5-9.5, whiteness of 65% -85%, can be crushed natural talc, grinding. Classification obtained. Making use of talc filler products can improve the hardness, fire resistance, acid and alkali resistance, dimensional stability, creep resistance. If the antioxidants, UV inhibitors, light stabilizers, anti-aging agent and talc type joint filler is made not only simplifies the production process, but also greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of the bag products.


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