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TECHNOLOGY VOIP Predictive Dialing - Putting Telemarketing into High Gear

Predictive Dialing - Putting Telemarketing into High Gear

By: Redcloud | Jun 11 2013 | 423 words | 365 hits

The best way for a business to increase its sales is through telemarketing. With telemarketing campaigns, a business can reach millions of prospects that are using telephone. However, the biggest obstacle for the business is to set up a facility where calling activities can be done effectively. Setting up a calling facility as well as maintaining a team of sales representatives, is not cheap by any means. For such a situation, a predictive dialing system could prove to be an ideal solution.

A predictive dialer is a sophisticated solution that makes use of a computer and a telephony system to dial out a list of telephone numbers effectively. It can dial out numbers in such an automated manner that it can predict the likelihood of the telephone user picking up that call. Although, a little expensive solution, involving big onetime cost, predictive dialer, in the long run, can level out the costs by enabling the business to achieve better efficiency and productivity.

These days, with the advancement in technology, some contact center solution providers even offer hosted predictive dialing solutions. Hosted dialer is similar to predictive dialer, but is available in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) over the internet. With SaaS predictive dialing solution, a business need not need to maintain the dialing infrastructure, including servers and ISDN lines. Furthermore, a business need not need to worry about maintaining and updating the dialer system itself since it lies in the responsibility of the contact center solution provider. Such hosted dialing system, indeed, can prove to a cost effective solution.

One of the core features of a hosted predictive dialer is its ability to provide call access to the sales agents even if they are not at the facility. Sales agents, no matter where they are, can connect to this system and proceed with their regular telemarketing activity. All that the sales agents require is a computer, calling equipment, and a simple internet connection to connect with the hosted system and perform their duty. Furthermore, the hosted system, just like a native predictive system, can effectively detect unproductive calls like an answering machine, busy tone, fax tone, and so on. These features can certainly improve the efficiency of the dialing process and productivity of the sales agents. The system even has the ability to eliminate the National Do Not Call Registry numbers. This indeed can eliminate unnecessary complaints and legal actions against the business.

Effective telemarketing is the key to improve sales, and intelligent dialing system can certainly put the telemarketing efforts into high gear.

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RedCloud is a leading provider of predictive dialer , located in Phoenix Arizona. Redcloud serves as a complete call / contact center suite and an enterprise class call center suite, used by some of the largest contact centers in the world. To know more about redcloud's predictive dialer visit us at
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