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TECHNOLOGY VOIP Web-Based Predictive Dialer for Telemarketing

Web-Based Predictive Dialer for Telemarketing

By: Redcloud | Jun 10 2013 | 414 words | 1111 hits

A web-based predictive dialer, as the name suggests, is a browser-based telephone dialer that primarily utilizes Software as a Service (SaaS) web technology. Such dialers are often known as hosted predictive dialers or cloud predictive dialers, as well. Some of the benefits of web-based predictive dialer include an increase in efficiency, reduction in costs and improvement of overall call center business. Sales representatives or simply agents need not need to waste time on monotonous task like dialing each phone number. With web dialing solution, they will simply have more freedom to focus more on marketing and/or support.

Predictive dialing solution can certainly make a good choice if your business is dealing in telemarketing for sales. Modern web-based dialer allows the business owners to configure the dialing system as per their varied business requirements. For instance, let us take a call center targeting prospects in different regions. The business owner can configure the system in such a way that it only targets prospects of a certain region at a certain time of the day. The agents just have to log in to a web browser interface and proceed with their marketing activities for the prospects of that particular region. No more monotonous task of obtaining telephone numbers and dialing them; just log in and focus on the prospect at the other end of the line.

As per the custom rules set, the system can efficiently eliminate calls that are unproductive. By eliminating unproductive calls such as fax tones, answering machines, busy calls, and so on, the efficiency of the agents can indeed increase to a certain level.

Small business owners need not need to worry about the costs and licenses associated with utilizing this web-based predictive dialing system. The entire predictive dialing infrastructure, including intelligent dialing software, rest in the secure server farm of a contact-center solution provider. A monthly subscription is enough to utilize hosted dialing service. With such set up, business owners can allow freedom to their agents to work remotely. All that the agents require is a simple computer with calling equipment and a reasonable internet connection. Agents can log in via web interface of the dialer and can be a part of the call center virtually. This, indeed, can cut down considerable costs related to maintaining a call center facility.

A predictive dialer can really become a crucial component of a business dealing in telemarketing activities. It is a cost-effective solution that can increase the efficiency and improve the overall business of a call center.

About author:
RedCloud is a leading provider Web based predictive dialer, located in Phoenix Arizona. Redcloud serves as a complete call / contact center suite and an enterprise class call center suite, used by some of the largest contact centers in the world. For more detail visit us at
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