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TRAVEL BOATING Alluring Sailing Destinations - Europe

Alluring Sailing Destinations - Europe

By: Hanisha Patel | Mar 31 2010 | 451 words | 779 hits

Summer is underway and the perfect vacation is not unobtainable. With the rich culture of Europe, sailing on the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea offers a truly unparalleled experience. Each port along the coastline exemplifies fine cuisine, exquisite art, and breathtaking architecture. Sail through gorgeous cerulean waters and discover Europe like no other will.

The first stop is the ancient secrets of the Greek Islands. Greece is home to four seas and over a thousand different islands. A multitude of hidden coves are ideal for unearthing the quintessence of the Mediterranean. The white villages litter the mountainous coastline providing an unforgettable landscape. The islands are closely grouped and therefore a different coastline to cruise is not far away. Drop the boat anchor in Athens and enjoy an authentic Greek salad while enjoying a steady breeze on the sailboat.

The hidden gem of Europe is the coastlines of Croatia. A mild summer climate, curious villages, and historical towns pervade in 3107 miles of Adriatic coastline. Dock at innumerous harbors in the country's thousands of islands. The landscape offers lofty mountains and magnificent waterfalls. The country is abundant in history, and a visit to the Southern region of Dalmatia, would definitely be in order. The best time to visit these coastlines is now, just as the high season kicks off in July and August.

One of the biggest tourist capitals of the world is with out a doubt, Italy. There is over 5000 miles of coastline to cover. While summer can be extremely busy on the west coast in the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Sea, there should not be any foreseeable problems if advance bookings are made for a berth there. There better be a fishing pole and bait in the stock of boat supplies aboard because in Sicily there are ample waters for fishing. The islands offer excellent hiking opportunities and breathtaking volcanoes in the scenery. The remarkable aspect of the Italian coastline is even if there were two weeks to spend sailing around, it would not be enough to appreciate all the wonders it offers.

France arguably offers the finest cuisine in Europe. The chic culture of the Cote d'Azur region offers a chance to sit champagne and reflect while docked at a harbor in Nice. Nearby, the famous Cannes Film Festival is held annually in Cannes and draws a big crowd of Hollywood celebrities and influential people. There is the secluded island of Corsica in the West Mediterranean and it exudes a timeless quality, as most of it is untouched by tourists.

With dozens of countries to visit, there is scarcely enough time to see all that this region of the world has. The Mediterranean climate imparts hot dry summers and cool wet winters on its residents.

About author:
Being on a sailboat in the Mediterranean Sea is unequivocally a once in a lifetime journey. The real summer is just about to begin, and the waters of the Mediterranean beckon sailors.
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