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TRAVEL BOATING Backwaters in India - Three Major Backwaters Tourism Spots

Backwaters in India - Three Major Backwaters Tourism Spots

By: soni sajjan | Oct 28 2011 | 418 words | 1007 hits

The backwaters in India, along the Malabar Coast of Kerala, have gained immense popularity in the last few decades. The backwaters are made up of lakes and interlinking canals that are fed by 38 rivers, stretching across the entire length of the state.
As it is a Mecca for Ayurveda practitioners, those who come to Kerala for such solutions always try and experience the beauty of the backwaters too. The quiet coconut tree lined backwaters offer a laidback tourist peace and quiet and let him soak in the sun amidst pristine surroundings.
Called Alleppey in its earlier days, it is one of the most famous places to start your Indian backwaters holiday; it is home to the famous snake boat races and is routinely compared to Venice for its beauty.
The trip from Kollam to Alapuzha is breathtaking by boat and lasts up to eight hours, offering one of the longest backwater cruises. There are plenty of hotels and resorts along the waterway if you want to have a break and enjoy the nightlife in a hotel.
In recent years, Kumarakom has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for backwaters in India. Located in the Kuttanad region, the village of Kumarakom is a group of islands and it offers pristine blue waters, lush green vegetation on the sides and adequate serenity for you to ponder about life as the settings slowly drift by.
It is also dotted by Ayurvedic centers where you can get a holistic treatment or relaxing massages to further enhance your inner peace and truly relax.
Munroe Island
This is a group of eight tiny islands located in the Kallada River, and these islands connect the Ashtamudi and Sasthamkotta lakes. The crisscrossing waterways make for a truly unforgettable Indian backwaters experience.
These islands attract migratory birds of rare species and so are of special interest to ornithologists. Some rare species like egrets, bee-eaters, crow-pheasants and paddy birds can be seen apart from the usual kingfishers and wood peckers.
In recent years, such Indian backwater holidays have become very popular among honeymooners for the quiet seclusion and variety of activities on offer. You can hire a houseboat along with a cook, who can cook all the meals you want; and you can also visit other tourist attractions that lie nearby as and when you please.
You can get Ayurvedic treatments or massages if you are inclined towards them. The backwaters in India offer tourists the chance to indulge in whatever they fancy while soaking up the sun and serenity offered by the Kerala backwaters.



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