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TRAVEL BOATING Boating is Fun!

Boating is Fun!

By: Keith Evans | Apr 3 2010 | 422 words | 1059 hits

Boating can provide you with many hours of fun and enjoyment out on the water. Before you actually head out to the water; however, it is important to make sure you understand a few basic boating safety elements to make sure that you as well as your guests on board remain safe.

One of the most important boating safety guidelines to keep in mind is a check for safety equipment on board. You should always make sure that you have ample amounts of the mandatory equipment required by the US Coast Guard on board your boat before you head out for a day of boating on the water.

Personal floating devices or life jackets are critical boating safety devices. You should make sure that you have a sufficient number of life jackets for everyone who will be aboard your boat. Specifically, you need to make sure that there are enough life jackets to fit everyone who will be on board your boat. Before going boating, check to make sure that all of the life jackets are in good working order and that all of the straps and clips are operational. Check your state's boating laws to determine the minimum age that individuals are obliged to wear life jackets at all times.

Another important piece of boating safety equipment is a fire extinguisher. You should always have at least one fire extinguisher on board your boat and it should always be located where it can be easily reached in case of emergency. The best type of fire extinguisher to have for boating safety is either a Type B or a Type C as these types of fire extinguishers are specifically designed for fighting electrical, grease, gas and oil fires.

You may also wish to keep some visual distress signals on board your boat as well. These are required equipment in many states. In the event that you should experience an emergency you will be able to send up these signals to alert rescue forces of your specific location.

Finally, make sure that you have a good quality first aid kit on board your boat. While it would certainly be hoped that you would never have any use for it, boating can sometimes result in an array of small injuries. Keeping a well stocked first aid kit on board will help you to effectively treat injuries until you can get back on land.

Boating can be a huge amount of fun. I have just touched upon a couple of the basic elements that ensure that it stays that way for you.

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    Boating is Fun!