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TRAVEL BOATING Climate in India - The Climate Along the Himalayan Region

Climate in India - The Climate Along the Himalayan Region

By: sonisajjan | Oct 27 2011 | 437 words | 1027 hits

Climate in India - The Climate Along the Himalayan Region

A traveller to India should be well prepared to meet the challenges posed by the climatic conditions as the climate in India can widely differ. A travel along the Himalayas poses challenges of coping with extreme cold, inhospitable weather and altitude sickness. First time travellers to India should have an idea of the near Alpine conditions in the Himalayan region in order to successfully complete their trek.

Although India lies in the Torrid Zone, Indian climate is not typically that of a tropical country. India has six major sub climatic zones and three seasons. India has a varied topography - it is bordered by the Thar Desert on the North West and by the Himalayan range to the North and North East. The remaining parts face a semi tropical climate, being surrounded by three seas.
The Himalayan range acts as a barrier to the cold winds coming in from Siberia. Due to the Himalayas, the south westerly winds bringing rain clouds to India empty most of the moisture they contain over the northern plains.
The Temperatures Along the Altitude

At the foothills of the Himalayas, the climate is equable with summer and winter temperatures peaking at 30 degree Celsius and 18 degree Celsius respectively. The middle Himalayas (up to 4500 feet above Mean Sea Level) witness average summer temperatures of 18 degree Celsius and sub-zero winter temperatures.
The ranges above 4500 feet are permanently covered in snow and have sub-zero temperatures for most part of the year.
While the rest of India has three seasons a year, the upper and middle Himalayan ranges have brief seasons of autumn and spring heralding winters and summers.
While the foothills of the Himalayas enjoy three months of rainfall over July, August and September, rainfall is sparse over the middle and upper Himalayas. Ladakh and Zanskar experience 10-15 centimetres of rainfall a year and the landscape resembles a cold desert. These places record some of the lowest temperatures throughout the year.

The climate in the lower Himalayas is bracing for nine months of the year with mild winters and bearable summers. Monsoons can be tricky as rainfall is heavy and most rivers in this region flood their banks every year.
The middle Himalayas are ideal for trekking because of the pleasant weather and mild winters. Rainfall is sparse in the upper Himalayas and showers of rain last for very short periods of time. At higher altitudes, the weather is subject to dramatic changes with snow storms and avalanches occurring very frequently. Travellers can carry an Indian climate guide in order to know about the conditions that they might have to face.




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