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By: Tim Richardson | Jan 10 2007 | 1357 words | 985 hits

* The importance of proteins and their digestion in making outstanding homemade carp baits: Leveraging protein ingredients, and their carp digestion and energy for 'pure confidence in your baits!' *

Protein ingredient based carp baits have caught more big carp, in the long term than other baits in the history of carp fishing in Europe. Therefore it is wise to get to know more about making protein based baits for carp to find out how and why they are so effective.

It's best to really put the carp's needs first when designing and making baits, and not to just start by putting in your favorite flavour!

Why not take advantage of aquaculture carp feeding research, to make things much easier and accurate for you? Years of advanced scientific carp feeding trigger and diet trials tell us what carp will find most attractive in a boilie! Protein food has proven to be the 'essential' bait building component!

In complete contrast to land animals, carp are able to derive more energy from 'catabolism' or carp special digestion of proteins; in fact twice as much energy, than from carbohydrates. Whereas most of us were taught in school that carbohydrates produced most energy, in us humans!

'Catabolism' also happens far more in a 'last resort 'situation, when all of its own body's stored energy reserves are fully depleted. It is a disaster if it happens in fish farming, as the fish stop growing and lose weight!

It is also not a good thing for carp health, and this is another major reason why it is good to have plenty of carbohydrates in your bait, to supply healthy stored and available energy in your carp. Having fats in the correct minimal amount like 5% content of your bait, actually help the complete digestion, assimilation and storage of excess food and as an energy source.

There are two basic categories of 'whole food' proteins: There are many 'whole food' soluble, globular proteins suitable for use in bait. Some are in eggs, fish, milk, blood, and many plants, including soya.

They coagulate when heated, so by using a bait with eggs or egg proteins for example, you can harden your baits bait by boiling them in water; even to the point of forming an almost insoluble skin on a bait surface.

Insoluble 'globulin' proteins are also present in the main protein reserve in plant seeds (the endosperm), e.g. wheat germ.

Natural proteins in whole foods, like milk, eggs, meat, fish etc, are made up of long strings of amino acids (peptide chains) held molecularly together by peptide bonds.

The longer the 'chain', the more energy it takes the carp to digest. (Not really being designed with the intestine to do the job.) This means, it takes them much longer to digest and assimilate this kind of food.

Oh, and while they're busy digesting whole proteins, they don't eat as much bait ; so you have less chance of a take! In regard to milk proteins, I would like to let you in on a little secret!

There are ways to break proteins up into bits or shorter chains of amino acids, to make your carp baits 'super effective' !

Like scissors, they pre-digest whole proteins, so not only do carp eat and assimilates them faster, having a more effective nutritional effect, but also, released amino acids are big carp attractors. So what's so great about milk proteins in carp catching baits? After all, carp can't read can they!?

Many of you may yawn at this stage, but you may be interested in the following shortcut to success!

The best number of amino acids in a 'chain', for the carp to digest, is only 2 or 3. As such, they're called bi-peptides and tri peptides. In the carp's intestine, these are easily, rapidly, and evenly absorbed, and then synthesized into other components very fast too. (Carp 'feel this!) .

This easy absorption and therefore efficient use of energy is one of the biggest factors in making an attractive carp bait! After eggs, milk protein peptides deliver more nitrogen carrying peptides than liver or even prime beef!

Also, milk proteins have lean muscle protectant and growth stimulation factors. They boost the immune system, and even have antibacterial qualities, making them uniquely superior.

Predigested or 'hydrolyzed' milk proteins are different to whole milk constituents, like casein or even lactalbumin, the 'cream' of the milk! Predigested milk proteins consist of amino acids, peptides and others which are the highest concentrated digestible proteins, and comparable to pre-digested fish, crustacean, and meat proteins for their bait inclusion desirability!

Medical foods, containing predigested milk proteins (extremely high in bi- and tri peptides), have been used for years to help people heal and recover more rapidly for injury, and some have been designed to heal specific illnesses and others designed to help athletes recover from training quicker.

The new milk proteins are produced with newly developed methods: filtration by ion, charcoal and osmosis ; removing nearly all lactose milk sugar, and fats, while keeping the even more-elevated benefits of the milk. They are now so advanced that they can be formulated for specific illness recovery!

In fact, athletes are taking milk protein peptide products in their nutrition, and maybe not realizing the true power of these products!

For homemade carp bait makers in the 1980's, these new ingredients really were a dream come true, yet they rarely mentioned even today; this speaks volumes for their effectiveness! These ingredients only became commercially available in America from 1982.

In the past, I have used body-building protein mixes, and found them extremely soluble, partly owing to the high sugar content. Previously, I assumed that the best products providing milk protein amino acids for carp attraction purposes, were 'whole' casein, lactalbumin (whey proteins), sodium caseinate, etc.

Take a look, next time you eat a 'protein snack bar,' and remember what's in it; thee ingredients these contain create growth and tissue repair, like nothing else on earth! As an added bonus, these ultra effective, refined protein ingredients are now available for carp bait use, but you'll have to search!

Predigested fish/shellfish proteins and other predigested products, form an excellent base for your bait, and, combined with predigested milks, are among the very best ingredients ever found for use in proven, consistent, very big carp bait.

(Please note; a blend of high grade proteins is superior to any single source alone ; providing different peptide and amino acid availability to the carp, so enhancing bait preference effects.)

* Assimilation of protein in carp:

When consumed, carp break down proteins into amino acids and peptides. These are then either used to make up body proteins for growth, repair, or other uses, such as enzymes for digestion of more of your bait! Or proteins are used to provide energy, either immediately, or after being stored as glycogen in the liver.

The digestible protein content of the bait can also be affected by the level of anti-cholesterol agents produced in the liver, which speed the breakdown of glycogen for energy, or prevent its formation.

Therefore any substance you can put into your bait to maximize this effect will give the carp more energy to eat more of your bait, and make it 'feel' better and healthier. It is rather like being in a 'slimming' club!

'Anti-cholesterolic' substances like those found in garlic and onion, for example will definitely help your protein baits performance and attraction!

The author has many more fishing and bait 'edges' up his sleeve. Every single one can have a huge impact on catches. (Warning: This article is protected by copyright.)


Tim Richardson is a leading big fish angler with many incredible catches to his name. He is also a nationally recognised carp and catfish bait guru in the UK. His best selling bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks help beginners and experienced anglers alike to improve and enhance their baits achieving far greater catches of big fish. * His books are even used by members of the elite Ãâ‚ÅBritish Carp Study GroupÃâ‚ for expert reference. If you feel your catches could gain from more expert bait experience, insights and fishing information and techniques, take a look at Tim's dedicated website.

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