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HOMEMADE CARP FISHING BAIT -- How To Exploit Amino Acids!

By: Tim Richardson | Jan 10 2007 | 616 words | 904 hits

* The importance and bait significance of 'First Limiting' Amino Acids! *

There are about 25 amino acids found in proteins, but the most important to carp are the 'essential amino acids' for carp.

These are not made in the carp's body, and must be consumed in the diet. Carp are always deficient in one amino acid more than any other, and this definitely drives their dietary feeding behaviour and bait preferences.

Mixing whole food ingredients, like milk protein derivatives and fish meals together in your bait counteracts the carp's main amino acid deficiency! Doing this makes your bait extremely desirable.

In my research, the most common 'essential amino acids' in individual carp foods, have been:

* Lysine.

* Methionine.

* Threonine.

* Valine.

* Isoleucine.

* Leucine.

* Phenylalanine.

* Histidine.

* Arginine.

* Tryptophan.

Cystine and tyrosine are synthesized in the carp body, but only if the essential amino acids methionine and phenylalanine are consumed in sufficient amounts.

You may have been confused about the most important levels and ratios of ingredients to use in nutritional baits, to maximize nutritional carp bait attraction. The following points might help:

Ãâ‚ A carp is deficient in one amino acid more than any other at any one time, depending on its personal diet.

Ãâ‚ The amino acid that is most deficient in the carp, limits the digestive level of all the others, in the proteins in the bait.

Ãâ‚ Each protein ingredient in your bait is most deficient in one particular amino acid, called the 'first limiting amino acid' and prevents any further digestion of other amino acids in that protein ingredient; no matter how abundant they are in your bait!

Ãâ‚ Conversely, a different bait ingredient may have a different essential amino acid 'profile'. However, it could have an abundance of the 'first limiting' amino acid in the other ingredient in your bait.

Ãâ‚ The two ingredients together will therefore counteract each other's 'limiting' digestion effect.

Therefore it is essential to mix food ingredients that have different weaknesses in their essential amino acid distribution. This produces a 'balanced amino acid profile' in your bait. An individual bait will have a totally different combination of types of ingredients to another 'balanced amino acid profile' style bait, but still have a balanced beneficial protein content.

For example, bait consisting of milk proteins, or made of fish and shellfish meals, or one made from poultry meals, or one made from bean and nut meals. Each has a balanced amino acid profile, but different ingredients. Each bait is limited by a different amino acid. And each bait may be most abundant in a different amino acid too, depending on individual ingredients used and their quantities used in the bait.

The key therefore is not to favour the individual ingredients that have produced catches historically, but rather, the effect of those ingredients in different combinations, as part of an attractive balanced 'food' type carp bait.

The author has many more fishing and bait 'edges' up his sleeve. Every single one can have a huge impact on catches. (Warning: This article is protected by copyright.)


Tim Richardson is a leading big fish angler with many incredible catches to his name. He is also a nationally recognised carp and catfish bait guru in the UK. His best selling bait making and bait enhancing books / ebooks help beginners and experienced anglers alike to improve and enhance their baits achieving far greater catches of big fish. *His books are even used by members of the elite Ãâ‚ÅBritish Carp Study GroupÃâ‚ for expert reference. * If you feel your catches could gain from more expert bait experience, insights and fishing information and techniques, take a look at Tim's dedicated website.

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