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TRAVEL BOATING Unlocking the Data in Yacht Surveys

Unlocking the Data in Yacht Surveys

By: Nigel T Packer | Jun 24 2006 | 395 words | 2422 hits

Unlocking the Data in Yacht Surveys

BoatStats, a new web site, has been launched to give surveyors, boat buyers and boat owners access to information previously locked up in thousands of yacht surveys carried out by professional yacht surveyors over the last ten years.

CE Proof International Ltd has been working with a growing band of professional yacht surveyors from all over Europe to collect and collate the valuable information locked away in thousands of archived survey reports on surveyors PC's.

The information is entered into the BoatStats database and categorised according to defect location and description, ready for boat buyers to retrieve. The information is presented in a document that can be printed from the web site for just Â10.

Ãâ‚ÅWe are very excited about the response we have received from our customersÃâ‚ said Nigel T Packer, the marketing director of BoatStats. Ãâ‚ÅThe surprising thing is that they not only include boat buyers and boat owners, but other surveyors and boat brokers are also using the database,Ãâ‚ he added.

Surveys are currently being added to the BoatStats database at a rate of 200 per week, amounting to 1500 defects on average. This is creating it a valuable resource for all those involved in the boat buying process. Ãâ‚ÅJust what the industry has needed for years, by compiling the details of many survey reports, surveyors, industry professionals and owners are able to obtain an objective impression of various production boats. We will recommend this service to all the surveyors who work with us,Ãâ‚ was the comment from David Gray, Director of Ace Marine Ltd

In a request for assistance Nigel said: Ãâ‚ÅWe already have thousands of surveys on the database but we are actively looking for other surveyors to submit their survey archive. We would be happy to talk to any surveyor as long as they are members of a recognised marine surveyor association or professional body.Ãâ‚

The Web site is now live and the database can be interrogated for information on many models of boat. The popular boat models are in the database, the more unusual will be added as those surveys are found in the archives.

Go to the Web site now and register for free and get a regular eBulletin or contact the BoatStats team if you are a surveyor to discuss your archive.


For further information contact

Nigel T Packer - BoatStats Marketing Director Tel: 08450 550510 Email: Web:

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