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TRAVEL BOATING Used Cobalt Boats - The Surprising Source For Hot Prices on Hot Boats

Used Cobalt Boats - The Surprising Source For Hot Prices on Hot Boats

By: Josh Seaborn | Mar 26 2010 | 405 words | 975 hits

Cobalt boats are hot! They look fantastic, with great lines and design. They perform better than many other boats, and they have all the amenities that many people demand. They are also expensive if you want a new one! The best choice for many people is to look for used Cobalt boats.

So, where do you find these boats at the lowest prices? Some people choose to search the dealers' lots. Others prefer to browse through the classified ads or Craigslist. Repossessed boats can also offer you a great steal. However, there's another source that you need to think about as well.

The Surprising Source for Used Cobalt Boats

Here's the real surprise when it comes to finding boats for next to nothing - government auctions! If you have never thought much about these sales, you're not alone. They're not often advertised much and many people think these auctions only take place in the capital. However, there are thousands of these auctions across the country each year.

Federal, local, and state agencies all sell off their surplus and seized items at public auction. Some of the Cobalt boats sold may be virtually new, since they were seized in the commission of criminal activity or because of back taxes. Others may be good only for parts or salvage.

If you want to find out all the information on government auctions, you should check out one of the websites that list all the auctions. You can search these sites by state, city, or even by what is up for sale. Looking for something specific that isn't listed? You can receive an email notification when it's added as inventory.

In Closing

It really makes sense to look at what government auctions have to offer. This often overlooked source for used Cobalt boats can provide you with a fantastic boat at a low price. Many of these auctions start out with opening bids of $100. Here's the key to finding a great deal on a gorgeous boat through government auctions.

Be Flexible

You like Cobalt's for a reason, probably because they're fast and stylish. Focus on that. You're looking for a fast, good looking boat for a great price. You'll discover that a number of makes could fit the bill for you - Cobalts, Bayliners, Baja's. If you go to the auction site with an open mind, and a little patience you'll save much more than the bidder who must have a certain boat and must have it today.

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