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TRAVEL BOATING What is the Significance of CE marking Boat

What is the Significance of CE marking Boat

By: Mc Williams | Dec 12 2012 | 458 words | 1152 hits

Several individuals have an interest in owning a boat and sail it on European waters. They are recommended to make sure that they have secured a CE mark on their vessel. The CE mark ensures that the vessel adheres to the standards of European Union's RCD (Recreational Craft Directive).

Body : The CE marking has got acknowledgement all over the world. The letters "CE" means Conformite Europeenne, which indicates European Conformity. CE marking is a lawful need. Hence, to avoid any problem, the CE marking becomes necessary.

CE marking is a complicated procedure that should not be under-estimated. This procedure requires skill, technical knowledge and an excellent deal of preparation. The person, who have been given the responsibility of CE marking on a vessel, need to present the same amount of supporting documentation irrespective they are importers or the manufacturers of the vessel. It all shows the importance of CE marking boat (ce-märkning båt).

CE marking is required on recreational boats. A CE-marking boat (ce-märkning båt) ensures that an individual meets the requirements concerning maritime safety and environmental impact. In case, people are thinking about building boats, or importing a boat for their own use, they should satisfy all the legal requirements. There are many companies that advice and guide people to ensure that they satisfy all the legal requirements.

CE marking services consists of everything from testing the systems till making intricate calculations with regards to stability and design. This marking makes a boat structurally strong enough so that it can operate in every possible condition. Recently, there have been an amendment to the RCD that has become operational. The amendment relates to the requirement to sound test a number of boats. This requirement has been proving extremely difficult to comply. The 'Sonic Boom' is useful to undertake sound testing. This sound testing service consists of the sound measurement tests, preparing the required paperwork and after this, submitting the same to a notified body. All this is required, in addition to CE marking, to avoid any legal hassles.

American boats have been considered cheaper in US than Europe. Most of these boats are used as sports boats. Thus, all those European countries importing such boats need to make sure that these vessels are CE marked before putting them into service or sale, irrespective of the age of the boat. It all proves that whether the boat used for recreation, trading or sports, CE marking boats (ce-märkning båtar) is must in all cases.

Several websites have been offering CE marking services. They explain the importance of CE marking boats (ce-märkning båtar) as many people are still not aware about CE marking authority. While contacting any such sites, one should always take care as there are several firms that are offering fraudulent CE marking services.


About author:
Welcome to Marine Certification. We offer CE marking boats (ce-märkning båtar) that enter the European Economic Area (EEA). We help you meet the basic requirements for maritime and environmental safety.
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