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TRAVEL BOATING Why You Should Think Twice About Getting Seadoo Covers

Why You Should Think Twice About Getting Seadoo Covers

By: Josh Brodderick | Apr 2 2010 | 379 words | 811 hits

Seadoo covers show pride of ownership. It might be your first PWC or your fifth, going to the effort of getting a properly fitted Seadoo PWC covers shows that you respect your machine. Seadoos are powerful and expensive machines. Failure to treat them right will only make your machine look shabby when compared to the machines of others. If you

Proper storage and proper protection of your personal watercraft is a good start but Seadoos need regular maintenance as well. Before putting your machine away for the winter you should give your PWC a once over. It is best to fix any problems in the fall before you pull out your Seadoo cover and say good bye for the winter.

Make sure the spark plugs are cleaned and the change the oil. There is nothing worse for your PWC then sitting all winter with a grimy engine. Make sure the seats and dash are clean and dry. You may want to put some protective ArmourAll on the dash or another specific Seadoo rubber protection compound. Make sure the dials are clean and dry. If you notice a water bubble in a dial now is the time to fix that problem. Your local marina will be able to pop the dial out, dry it off and re-seal it.

Your choice of Seadoo cover will depend a lot on where you intend to store your machine over the winter. If you intend to leave it outside then you will want a winterized cover. These covers will provide ultimate protection against the snow and the ice. If you intend to store your Seadoo in a storage facility or in your garage then a fair weather cover will suffice. Fair weather covers are just like the cover you would use to protect your Seadoo will on a trailer or to protect your Seadoo from the sun and rain.

I like to choose a cover that matches my Seadoo. If I have customized detailing on the engine then I like to have similar customized detailing on my Seadoo cover. If I have a recreational Seadoo that I leave at the cottage I'm less concerned. However I can tell you, throughout all my years owning personal watercraft, I have never owned one without having some type of cover for it.

About author:
If you truly have a passion for sea doos then you need to treat your machines with respect. Choosing seadoo covers that are right for your Seadoo PWC will keep your PWC in brand new condition that you will be proud of.
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