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TRAVEL DESTINATIONS Alluring Beaches and Interesting Activities in Goa to Explore

Alluring Beaches and Interesting Activities in Goa to Explore

By: Birendra | Apr 14 2012 | 456 words | 874 hits

Goa is one of the eye-catching states in India. This beautiful state is popularly known as tourist’s destination. This state is located in south west of India and is forth smallest area by population. This beautiful state is bliss for the tourists and visit to here in large numbers of tourists. Honeymooners, vacationers, families and friends are visit here from all nook and corner of the global to enjoy their memorable tour in every year. This destination offers all attractions to you what you desire in your excited vacations. The soothing pleasant climate, rich culture and picturesque view of the state easily entice to tourists from all parts of global.

Truly speaking this destination is rapture on earth and this state is perfect for all kind of tourists. This state gives you all reason to visit here. There are several attractions which increasing the tourist of Goa tourism. Some of the major attractions are listed below…

Outstanding beaches of Goa
Mainly Goa is known for its dazzling beaches and has more than 36 beautiful beaches. Beaches are ‘jewel of Goa’ and these are main attraction of tourists. The soothing pleasant climate, tall vegetations, blue sea water, glittering sand easily entice million of tourists to come here from all nooks and corners of the global in every year. These beautiful beaches are always offering something new to everyone. There are several beaches to visit in this beautiful state.

Goa carnival
Goa mainly known for its stunning beaches but apart from beaches this state is also known for its rich culture heritage, colorful festivals and Goa carnival is one of the main festivals of this beautiful state. All people of Goa are together and celebrated this festival with great infatuation. This festival is celebrated in February month in every year and celebrated for three days. Every one waits for this festival with great enthusiasm. In this festival all people wear dresses in bright color, masks and the music, dance and color are main attractions of this festival. Carnival is also attracts many tourists to participate in this festival and enjoy this colorful festival with their dear ones.

Outstanding Nightlife
As the sun goes down Goa’s nightlife take place in tourist’s heart. This state is not only offers to tourist enjoyment in the day; it is also offer nightlife which lures million of tourists from all nooks and corners of the global. The casino, bars, restaurants, open parties on the shoreline are popular among the tourists and Goa’s peoples are also love all these.

If you desire to experience of all these features and attractions, so start planning for Goa tour and take marvelous experience of this beautiful state. You definitely will go back home with lots of cherish memories which will never fade from your heart.


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