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TRAVEL DESTINATIONS Bangkok Historical Tour -Get a Feel for Thailand and its History

Bangkok Historical Tour -Get a Feel for Thailand and its History

By: Vikas Dubey | Feb 19 2012 | 509 words | 2675 hits

Thailand is a country infused in the layers of history and legends. Impressively restored ruins, national treasures and gracious Buddha temples are scattered throughout the kingdom, which are great source of historical knowledge. Exploring these ancient properties uncovers the classic architectures, artistic styles and complex traditions & cultures that Thai kingdom has to offer. Simply, it takes the explorers to a historical lesson that no textbook could possibly convey.

When it comes to taste the true essence of historical Thailand, Bangkok is the perfect selection to visit on. With a plethora of historical attractions and a unique blend of traditions & cultures, this Thai capital city entices history admirers from far and wide. In Bangkok, captivating fragments of historical charm can be seen almost everywhere. Visiting Bangkok's riverside sites, one can easily understand why it's called the ‘City of Angels'. The giant image of reclining Buddha in Wat Po, splendid architectures in the Grand Palace and superb peace and divinity in Wat Pho, Wat Saket and Wat Traimit long remains in visitor's mind and soul. The Wat Phra Kaew, the temple of the celebrated Emerald Buddha, is also in proximity this area that is truly worth visiting. Moreover, one can get a broader sense of Bangkok's historical significance visiting the Ancient Capital area.

In addition to palaces and temples, Bangkok is home to numerous museums pertaining to rich history and cultures of the Thailand. The Bank of Thailand Museum is one of the most visited museums in the country depicting the history of Thai currency from the ancient times of beads and bracelets to the modern era of currency. If you wish to see the largest collection of Buddha statues and figurines, visit to the Museum of Buddhist Art. Apart from that, Erawan Museum, Bangkok Doll Musuem and Thai Labor Museum are also the must-visit places if you want to know more about Thai traditions and cultures.

Besides this, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya are must-visit destinations to tangle with Thailand's unique architectural designs and an inspiring spirituality. These immaculately maintained historical landmarks cast a magical spell with their atmospheric and deserted ruins, architectural excellence and a peace and spirituality rare to capture in this modern life. The warm and friendly nature of Thai people makes Thailand tour a rewarding experience. Stopping anyone to ask for help usually results in a reasonable response from other side. The hospitality is truly gracious, even in restaurants and street-side café.

With several travel portals offering a variety of Thailand packages, you can conveniently plan your trip to this wonderland. From sightseeing to accommodation, and transportation to meals, all required facilities are included in a Thailand package. However, some reliable tour operators provide customized Thailand and Bangkok packages to perfectly accompany buyers' needs and budget. To search for a suitable Bangkok package, Internet is the most viable source. Visiting some reputable travel sites and analyzing the Thailand packages available there, you can choose the most suited one for you. However, make sure you buy it from a genuine source.

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