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TRAVEL DESTINATIONS Enjoy your Vaccation in Kashmir Houseboats in India

Enjoy your Vaccation in Kashmir Houseboats in India

By: Izhar | Jan 29 2007 | 412 words | 1234 hits

The gentle sounds of rippling waters and the beautiful houseboats are the greatest attractions of Kashmir. The Houseboat holiday in kashmir India is one of the unique attractions of Srinagar. Kolu Houseboats offers you to experience the easy-paced lifestyle of Srinagar and Kashmir and as whole, India. The Kolu Houseboat's stay will give you a chance to enjoy and explore the beautiful city of Srinagar in the valley of kashmir. Made up of cedar wood, these mesmerizing Houseboat residences have elegance and are complete with stately living quarters, drawing and dining rooms, carved wooden furniture, glowingly embroidered rugs and fabrics. The large windows of the houseboats provide beautiful views of the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayan Mountains and the pretty Dal Lake with beautiful lotus flowers adorning it. The breathtaking views combined with the silent and serene atmosphere and homely comforts of Kolu Houseboats are enough to infuse new lives and rejuvenate the visitors.
Besides the homely comforts and delicacies of the houseboat and the famous Shikara ride, the other luxuries one can enjoy are sunbathing on the houseboats on the top-deck. Water - powered peddlers sell everything from saffron to papier mache deer to the houseboat door.
SRINAGAR "DAL LAKE" and "NAGIN LAKE" Floating on a postcard lake in one of Kashmir's famous houseboats is the way to seehow this place earned the name, "The Venice of the East". Ride a Shikara - a Kashmiri gondola - to the watery vegetable markets and see the india mountains mirrored in the lakes. The houseboats are grand with hand - carved furniture and rich Kashmiri carpet of kashmir prviding the rich heritage of India.
Most Kashmir houseboats on the Nagin and the Jhelum are situated on the banks of the lake, and can be accessed directly from land without the help of a shikara, while all those on the Dal require a shikara to get to and from them. Most houseboats on the Dal are situated in long straggling rows; some face the Boulevard, Srinagar's most exciting address, while others are situated singly or in groups of two and three.
For the honeymooners the houseboats deep in the lake are ideal. The romantic setting of the lake in Kashmir together with the royal setting of the houseboats create magic. The best activity while on the houseboat in Kashmir would be to sit in the balcony and enjoy the multi hues of natural and human life pass by. The view from the houseboat keeps changing with the season too.

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