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TRAVEL DESTINATIONS Going Out for Japan Sightseeing

Going Out for Japan Sightseeing

By: Tomoko Asai | Nov 25 2008 | 513 words | 1767 hits

Japan is a country that is surrounded by temples and shrines. However, it has also a modern feel to it. With the wonderful sights in Nagoya and the ski resorts in Nagano, your Japan sightseeing would surely be worth it all. Most of the travelers and tourists who visit this country go for Japan sightseeing and more. Traveling around is not at all difficult. You can either choose to use the railways or the public transport when you are going on a Japan sightseeing adventure.

If you want to have a more in-debt Japan sightseeing, several tour packages are available. The travel agency will be the one to plan your itinerary and they will let you travel to the known cities in Japan like Aichi, Nagoya, Gifu and Tokyo. You can also choose to have a custom tour for your Japan sightseeing experience. What could be the first place to go to? The largest national park in Japan can be found in Hokkaido. It is the Daisetsuzan National Park and it is situated in the northernmost part of the country. Many tourists go to Hokkaido for Japan sightseeing and to have a view of the majestic volcanoes and mountain ranges.

But your Japan sightseeing would never be complete if you do not get a look at Mount Fuji. Keep in mind, it is a challenging mountain to hike. It is covered in snow during winter so the best time to hike and Japan sightseeing is on the months from July to August. The shrines and temples should also be part of your Japan sightseeing escapade. The Meiji shrine and the temples in Nagoya are very scintillating. But if you want to have the modern Japan sightseeing travel, then go to Akihabara where the sci-fi supermarket is located. You will get to shop for cheap electronic items and gadgets here. The place to be for techie lovers and for those who want to have a feel for art, the Complex gallery is the shelter of the most popular artists in Japan and is a great place for Japan sightseeing.

One thing unique about Japan is that it is a combination of the ancient and the modern style. The cities are fun to go to and the place to be for Japan sightseeing. Every city has its distinct style and Tokyo is the home of the Imperial Palace and the Disneyland. If you have kids traveling with you, then Tokyo Disneyland is the perfect place to go. Your kids will surely enjoy the trip. Japan sightseeing would be more fantastic if you go to the Nijo Castle, the Imperial Palace, the Museum of Kyoto and many more.

Another amazing Japan sightseeing journey is going to the Buddhist temples. Moreover, if you have a sporty side, have fun seeing sumo wrestlers in the arena. The waters in this country is a good place for Japan sightseeing. These are just some of the spectacular sites and cities to watch for. To complete your Japan sightseeing adventure, have a friend with you. Your trip will surely be one of the most amazing journeys.

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