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TRAVEL DESTINATIONS Special Celebrations in Lapland

Special Celebrations in Lapland

By: tim warrington | Aug 9 2010 | 389 words | 2058 hits


Lapland like the U.K has it's special celebrations, Easter is a special time in Lapland for both holiday makers and the locals. Easter coincides with the arrival of spring which is really very important in Lapland, the long hard winter is coming to an end and the sun will rise and stay. Easter is also a religious ceremony in Lapland and in some parts of Lapland children will go from house to house singing a rhyme and wishing people good health for the coming year. There are also the usual easter eggs we give here in the U.K but Lapland have their own traditional Easter foods. Malt porridge better known as Mammi is served especially with sugar.

Midsummer is the beginning of summer and when the people of Lapland really begin to celebrate to end of the winter and the arrival of the sun. The people of Lapland will go on holiday much the same as we do and the children will break from school and families will travel off on holiday. School children don't have such long school holidays as we do in the U.K and the reason for this is to allow them to have more time off in the winter months. In the winter, the weather is harsh and children will have more frequent holidays.


Christmas is the most important holiday celebrated in Finland but the people of Finland celebrate it quietly and apart from the commercialism of holidaymakers, Christmas amongst families in Lapland is not an elaborate affair. Christmas in Lapland is celebrated quietly and time spent with the family is considered the most important part of Christmas. Christmas Eve is the centre os Christmas and the family will sit and have a good meal with traditional Lapland Fare. Games will be played, poems will be read and of course all of the family will sauna together. It is also a tradition to cross country ski under the stars on Christmas Eve with all of the family before returning home for further celebrations.

Lapland hold family close and all of their celebrations are centred on friends and family and the importance of spending time together. Importance isn't placed on materialism but rather the quality of life and small gifts and tokens are exchanged at Christmas that place importance on what Christmas is all about, family and time spent together.

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