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TRAVEL DESTINATIONS The Perfect Holiday Destination for 2009: Buenos Aires

The Perfect Holiday Destination for 2009: Buenos Aires

By: Victoria Cochrane | Jul 23 2009 | 442 words | 742 hits

If you are still looking for the perfect holiday destination that guarantees fun and excitement then consider a trip to Argentina and embrace the culture of Buenos Aires - the Ãâ‚ÅParis of the SouthÃâ‚.

With so much to do in this lively, energetic part of South America no two days of your break need ever be the same. Situated on the Rio de la Plata, this fabulous port city offers visitors a delicious taste of a multi-cultural society. Argentina's largest city, smaller than only the Brazilian metropolitan areas of San Paulo and Rio of all cities on the South American continent, boasts a population of 13million and has a proud mix of German, Italian and Spanish heritage.

Unlike its Northern Hemisphere comparison city of Paris there is no overriding landmark but because of the diverse collection of influences the architecture of Buenos Aires reflects a more European flavour than other cities in Latin America. One fine example is the marvellous Teatro Colon - the capital's iconic opera house. Opened in 1908 this magnificent building is currently undergoing extensive renovation but will re-open again during 2010. In addition to such marvellous older buildings continued development is adding height to the city's skyline featuring tall glass-fronted skyscrapers.

However, tour the city's neighbourhoods and you will find contrasting low-level developments featuring an explosion of Latin-inspired colour. For example, the pressed tin houses of the La Boca district are painted in blocks of bright and contrasting colours that stand out from some distance, and indicate the love of life of their residents.

Flights to Buenos Aires - particularly those from outside of Argentina - are served by the main airport, Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini de Ezeiza Airport.

As you would expect in a cosmopolitan city of 13million residents the nightlife is outstanding, with a superb collection of restaurants inspired by the tastes of Europe and South America. Dining is an experience to be savoured in this city and therefore eating out is usually after 9 p.m. and lasts several hours. The lively port district of Puerto Madero is a particularly great spot to eat where juicy Argentine sirloin steaks and empanadas (beef pies) are two favoured meat dishes and of course local red wines - something with Buenos Aires and indeed Argentina is famous for - compliment the dishes perfectly.

Finally, where better to dance the tango than in Buenos Aires? The national dance of Argentina the tantalising tango is performed impromptu everywhere throughout the city reflecting the expressive and passionate nature of the people of Buenos Aires. For the perfect end to a perfect night head off to the lively district of San Telmo where smartly dressed revellers tango until dawn. Bliss!

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