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TRAVEL DESTINATIONS The Wonderful Mouth Watering Cuisines of Kerala

The Wonderful Mouth Watering Cuisines of Kerala

By: Ajay Kumar | Apr 5 2012 | 644 words | 1034 hits

Now I am going to tell you about the unique delicious food of Kerala. Kerala is a state of India and located at the southern part of this country. It is covered by the Arabian Sea on the eastern side. Kerala is unique in many ways like for its food, backwaters, houseboat rides, eco tourism, its plush green vegetation, local unique culture, colorful festivals, and exotic beaches.

Last year when I was on a Kerala tour and visited different parts of Kerala, I still remember that whenever I went to outing I always tried to enjoy the local food which was really awesome. In local food which is worldwide famous for its unique and wonderful taste and really a very good treat for your taste buds is also served in many top restaurants in many countries including western countries worldwide.

The some of the cuisines of Kerala which is known for its wonderful flavor like Appam, Puttu, Idiypam, Idli, Dosa, etc are mostly taken as breakfast and served in the morning mostly, however it is up to your wish when you want to eat but all are very tasty.

The other wonderful dishes are Parippu[ a Dal i.e. pulse], Sambhar[ is soupy type dish cooked with pulses and some vegetables like brinjal, carrot, pumpkin, gourd, tomatoes, etc.] which is very delicious, Rasam[ a spicy sour soup made with different spices and tamarind, etc], Khichdi[made with rice, pulse, and different vegetables] is very yummy and is enough to bring water in your mouth, Chips[ made of Banana and jackfruit] which you can eat any time even while having tea, Avial [vegetables cooked in a paste of grated coconut, curd, spices, cumin and green chilly].

Generally, the Kerala cuisines are hot and spicy, fresh, aromatic, and flavored. As Kerala is a costal region and rice is the main staple crop of Kerala, thus local people thrive mostly on seafood [i.e. fish], coconut and rice hence they use rice, coconut and fishes in many different cuisines they prepare all over the Kerala.

Variety of dishes which are being served in Kerala are a result of the mixture of its local agricultural produce and its unique tradition; Coconuts and bananas have become an inseparable part of the variety of dishes of Kerala.

Payasam is a popular dessert dish of Kerala which is widely consumed all over the Kerala and is also loved by the tourists who visit this place. It is prepared by the coconut milk, brown molasses, spices, and later garnished by the pounded cashew nuts and raisins. Although there are different types of Payasams, like jackfruit payasam, lentil payasam and Bengal payasam. It is worth to taste all the payasam and you would like all that.

Idli and Doas are very famous not only in Kerala but all over the India as well as all over the world if you go to any Indian restaurant in any country you will find Idi, Dosa, Wada and Sambhar. Idli is prepared with the boiled rice and then crushed and moulded in the forms of small bowl size cakes. Wada is prepared by various pulses and is also like idli but a hole in the centre, and the Dosa is prepared with the mixture of rice, some pulses and then given a shape of big size chapatti by spreading the this paste over a large rectangular pan and then heated with some butter for some time so that it becomes rigid and look like a big chapatti. All these Idli, Wada and Dosa are served with the Sambhar and coconut sauce.

So if you haven't been to Kerala so far and planning for a holiday in Kerala, then it is also wise to opt any of the Kerala holiday packages, and ask your tour operator to make sure that you visit all famous local restaurants and eating outlets, so that you can enjoy local food of Kerala.


About author:
Author is a travel consultant and has deep knowledge of India and is working with Hungry Bags, a tour providing company which is specialist for its Kerala holiday package and also provides packages for honeymoon in Kerala and family Kerala tour packages .
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