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TRAVEL DESTINATIONS Travel to Paris - Eurostar

Travel to Paris - Eurostar

By: Asif Khan | Sep 8 2010 | 331 words | 2369 hits

Eurostar operates from three stations in the UK: St Pancras International, Ebbsfleet International, and Ashwood International; and also has three main stations in Europe: Brussels-Midi/Zuid, Paris Gare Du Nord, and Lille Europe. Here is a guide to the three Eurostar stations in the UK. But thanks to Eurostar Disneyland Paris has now become one of the most popular day and long weekend destinations for many theme park fans across Britain and Europe.

If you're planning to take a train from London to Paris, then Eurostar is the way to go. Eurostar is a high-speed train service that provides a super-fast connection from London to Paris. The service operates from London's St. Pancras International Station to the Gare du Nord Station in the heart of Paris. Services from London to Disneyland Resort Paris and other seasonal destinations in France are also available.

Eurostar started its operations underneath English Channel in November 1994 via Channel Tunnel. It was an amazing experience for those traveling from London to Paris. Eurostar trains are a cheaper way of travelling than other travel options such as Flights and Ferries. As a faster, comfortable and cheaper transport option today it has been known as a lifeline of Western Europe.

Leisure Select travel on Eurostar means a warm welcome at the platform, glossy magazines to read in a comfortable seat with arm rests. This is just ideal for stretching out and snoozing after your free glass of champagne you receive with your lunch and dinner. The menu is tantalising with a choice of authentic cuisine from Britain and the Continent made from organic, Fairtrade and locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Standard travel is family friendly as there are specific family areas to sit in. These are designed to give child passengers a bit more space to enjoy and are located near the baby changing facilities. The bar buffet offers a good choice of snack and meals and is a far cry from the limp sandwiches you may have endured when travelling with some other companies.

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