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TRAVEL DESTINATIONS What The City of Nottingham Is?

What The City of Nottingham Is?

By: Travis Olague | Sep 6 2010 | 494 words | 2389 hits

Nottingham is a picturesque city in the East Midlands of the country rests upon the Trent River. This city numbers nearly 300,000 residents, while the population of the city together with the surrounding residential suburb and towns has reached approximately 700,000 people. The underground passage and rooms that form a whole city of caves under the place of Nottingham provide compelling evidence of Roman era settlement, once called "Tigguo Cobauc", that means "city of cavy dwellings". Some of such underground dwellings even date back to 13th centuries. Numerous signs allege that a whole generation of people, mostly underprivileged, lived in the local caves and mostly of them were man-made. Subterranean life had everything: dwellings, workplaces, storage chambers, and even stables. Due to the cool "underground" temperature some of the caves were ideal for brewers and butchers. The subterranean premises became popular as the workplaces of bakers, smiths and chandlers because they could be scarcely set afire. The following historic fact won`t be less interesting but even more it is going to be rather amusing. Have you ever heard about Anglo-Saxon invaders? Sure you have; however there is something more you have to know. They were the earliest inhabitants who settled the hills and river banks of the place of present Nottingham sometime after 600 AD. And their leader`s name was Snot. Thus the primordial name of the city sounded as "Snotingaham" that meant "Snot`s people home". Then the sound "s" gradually disappeared and the city got its nowadays name "Nottingham". The Anglo-Saxon were far from being the last invaders thus in the 9th century the Danes came and captured the borough and it became one of their law-bound towns. Then in the 11th century a Norman French conqueror with a corresponding name William the Conqueror established the first Nottingham Castle. It rose on a hill just opposite the Anglo-Saxon town, and a Norman French settlement was gradually growing up around the castle`s walls. Little by little the two ruling groups merged into a "county corporate" thus, Nottingham became a larger and famous city. The history of well known Goose Fair that annually takes place in the modern city of Nottingham dates back to those times. Speaking about Nottingham Castle it is important to mention that the building underwent many changes. The wooden Castle built in Nottingham by the Normans later was replaced with a stone one. It had many royal inhabitants who expanded the castle, and then it was ruined and again restored in 1649 as a "Castle Mansion". As you can see there is much interesting historical information the city can share with you. One day excursion will be far from being enough to see all the interesting places of the city, thus you can stay a few days to visit the most remarkable sights of the place. Property Nottingham will provide you with the most appropriate and affordable accommodation; in addition, the city is accessible and perfectly serviced by any public transport.

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