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TRAVEL FLIGHTS Cheap Tickets to Los Angeles - Notable Attractions to See

Cheap Tickets to Los Angeles - Notable Attractions to See

By: Mohammadkaisar | Nov 15 2013 | 425 words | 2693 hits

If you're planning to visit Los Angeles, you may find it challenging to find out what to see and do. While the city is generally associated with movies and movie stars, it is also a culturally vibrant city that boasts a range of interesting attractions ranging from prestigious art museums to exciting galleries, to fabulous theaters. There are indeed so many great attractions and activities in LA that you will be overwhelmed with the possibilities of too many tours. Nevertheless, it is exciting to explore the vast and ever-expanding city and find out the real gems.

Those who have already seen most of the typical landmarks or just want to get off the beaten path would like to go for something unique, less commercial and potentially more memorable things than the usual ones. However, many first time visitors taking cheap tickets to Los Angeles will spend their time focusing on the more popular tourist attractions and sights. These may include the J. Paul Getty Center, Universal Studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disneyland Park, Griffith Park, Venice Beach, and Natural History Museum, to name just a few here.

Notable Landmarks to See in Los Angeles

Some of the highly popular places to visit in LA include the following:

• Hollywood Walk of Fame: Probably the high popularity of Los Angeles is because of the fact that it is home to Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world. Visiting this part of the city will be of top priority for many travelers taking last minute flights to Los Angeles. Among the many attractions include Hollywood Walk of Fame, an interesting walkway having names of celebrities engraved in bronze. Travelers love to get photographed with the names of their favorite celebrities.

• Griffith Park: The sprawling park, with over four thousand acres of natural terrain, has plenty of attractions for kids and families. One of the best things to do at Griffith Park is to see the iconic Hollywood Sign. Another popular activity is to visit Griffith Observatory and enjoy its enriching shows and exhibitions. There can be many other ways to enjoy the attraction of Griffith Park.

• Venice Beach: Seekers of fun and leisure activities should not miss to see Venice Beach, which is popular more for people than for the ocean. It is the best place to enjoy people watching. The beach is full of street performers who can blow your mind with their amazing performances. Book London to Los Angeles flights and enjoy spectacular sights at Venice Beach. An experience of the beach will remain forever in your memory.


About author:
Md. Kaisar is an English writer. He has graduated from Annamalai University in English Literature and is now working for a travel company. Md. Kaisar is passionate about writing, especially on travel and finance. Presently, he is writing about Cheap Tickets to Los Angeles, Book Flights to Los Angeles, Bargain Flights to Los Angeles Hotels & Holiday Packages, Car Hire, and Travel Insurance.Google+
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