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TRAVEL FLIGHTS Experience Tantalizing Flavours with Direct Flights to Sydney

Experience Tantalizing Flavours with Direct Flights to Sydney

By: dan valley | Apr 5 2012 | 545 words | 2431 hits

Sydney is an amiable and intriguing city nested in the New South Wales. As soon as Sydney is recalled instantly the images of immaculate beaches, verdant rainforest, bustling cities spring up to life. The arts and entertainments runs through this city and is recalled as one of the most talented cities hosting multitude of crowd. The climate of this enticing city is just right for outdoor activity lovers. Due to its extensive wildlife it has become the most visited vacation hotspots in the world. Sydney can be seen in the different parks and zoos in Sydney. Sydney offers all the gastronomic’s the sheer vibrant palate of food.

Seafood: Take Direct Flights to Sydney and taste the authentic and exotic seafood in this harbour city. Seafood is the main dining feature of this city and the Sydney Fish Market ensures a fresh and plentiful supply of the eatable sea creatures such as the barramundi, snapper, mussels, prawns, calamari and octopus. Get luck and dine at restaurants such as Fishface and Five Dock Seafoods Cafe which is a heaven for seafood especially fish lovers.

Italian Cuisine: The city of Sydney booms with café culture and follows overtly Italian influence. Board Direct Sydney Flights and sample some of the best coffee and snacks, head for Bondi Beach. The Bar Coluzzi, bills, La Buvette and Tropicana are just some of the hip coffee spots you and your love one can hit too. If you are running short of time then the central-city cafes areas are worth exploring such as MoS Café. Tea lovers can head to the Sejuiced in Bondi Beach and the Tea Centre of Sydney for exotic flavored tea relaxing your taste buds as well as senses. Pasta lovers can get lucky at the Norton Street in inner city Leichhardt which is also known as Little Italy.

European Cuisine: Sydney doesn’t stop its adaptation or influence at Italy but has also adopted the French European also in delivering world class palate of cuisines. The Bistro Moncur and Sel et Poivre offers some of the most delectable French cuisine whilst Mykonos on Crown and Capitan Torres reflect the Mediterranean flavours of Greece and Spain, respectively. Sample Eastern European cuisine with a visit to Corner 75 and bless the incredible city for this taste therapy.

Asian Cuisine: One of the most popular cuisines sought in the city is Asian cuisine. The area of Chinatown in Haymarket, and the newer version in Chatswood, ensures a constant supply of excellent Chinese eateries to the tourists traveling with Direct Flights to Sydney. Tourists most frenzy from the Chinese Noodle Restaurant, to the massive yum cha (dim sum) restaurants such as Marigold Restaurant, aficionados of chop suey and roasted duck are spoilt for choice. The Sydney's Asian cuisine also includes Malaysian, Thai, Singaporean, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, Filipino, Indian, Iranian and Cambodian, to name but a few to cater the taste of almost all its guests. This city has something for all its guests to savor when in the city.

Japanese Cuisine: After all these cuisine Sydney doesn’t lack behind the Japanese cuisines. With well-established trade links, Japanese food has a long-held tradition in Sydney's eating culture. Japanese cuisine lovers can take Direct Sydney Flights to feast on the mouth watering sushi, sashimi, noodles, and tempura and teriyaki dishes.

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