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TRAVEL HOTELS Cape Town City Attractions

Cape Town City Attractions

By: Alter Sage | Jan 10 2010 | 616 words | 857 hits

Cape Town is famous for its pristine beaches, running the length of its coastal regions and providing a magnificent setting for a holiday. But Cape Town offers far more than just sandy white beaches and seaside cafes. In the heart of the vibrant business district, some of the city's leading tourist attractions can be found. Among these are world-famous cathedrals and museums, craft markets, monuments and historical buildings. As some of Cape Town's most important landmarks, these are well worth including on any Cape Town Travel itinerary.

The Cape Town city centre's makeover

The Cape Town city centre has garnered much attention over recent years, as its highly-anticipated refurbishment has got underway. Currently in full swing, the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) is steadily transforming the City Bowl into a world-class CBD. Established in 2000, the CCID has revamped the city centre, restoring it to its former glory as Cape Town's glamorous centre.

The results have been impressive: The city centre now boasts a number of 5-star, world-class hotels, as well as some of the finest restaurants, bars and entertainment venues in Cape Town. It's clean, beautiful and vibrant, and it attracts thousands of domestic and international visitors each year. Spending time in the dolled-up city centre is a must for any visitor - and experiencing its prestigious accommodation venues is highly recommended. When next you visit Cape Town, book a stay at its newest luxury hotels, and be sure to experience the Cape Town city attractions mentioned below.

Top Cape Town City Attractions

Cultural Landmarks and Museums: Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Cape Town are its museums, cultural landmarks and places of historical interest. Cape Town has a fascinating history, and exploring its city centre reveals its colourful and controversial past. Make a turn at the South African Museum, Slave Lodge, Bo Kaap Museum and St George's Cathedral - some of its most well-known cultural attractions.

These are all located on or near to Adderley Street - the famous main road of Cape Town - and are also close to the beautiful Company Gardens, where the Houses of Parliament and the President's residence are found.

Craft markets and flower sellers: The city centre boasts many vibrant craft markets, where visitors will find a wide selection of authentic African curios and art. Strolling through the bustling streets of the city centre, you'll also discover the famous flower sellers on Adderley Street - a beloved feature of the Cape Town city centre. The fresh flower market was established over a hundred years ago, and is colourfully ensconced between some of the city's oldest buildings.

Restaurants and entertainment venues: For those seeking leisure activities in Cape Town, the CBD offers a fantastic array of top restaurants and trendy bars, catering to all tastes. Dine at any of its lively establishments to discover why Cape Town is famous for its cuisine! From traditional African fare to international tastes and trends, you'll find every type of culinary offering in the city centre.

There are also a number of exciting entertainment venues in the CDB, including theatres, clubs, upmarket lounges and art galleries. Ask the staff at your accommodation venue for advice on the best places of interest in the city, based upon your entertainment preferences.

Residing in Cape Town City: Attractions on tap

When you choose to stay in the city centre, you'll have all these attractions at your fingertips - and you'll enjoy easy access to some of Cape Town's other sought-after attractions, including the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town International Convention Centre and the brand new Greenpoint Stadium.

Book your accommodation at one of Cape Town's luxury hotels, and explore the Cape's top attractions at your leisure, from one of its most sought-after travel and entertainment destinations.

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Taj Cape Town is newest luxury Cape Town hotel in the city centre, offering 5-star accommodation and a range of exclusive facilities to its guests, including fine dining restaurants and an in-house spa and health centre.
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