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TRAVEL OUTDOORS Explore the Beaches during your Dog Friendly Holidays

Explore the Beaches during your Dog Friendly Holidays

By: Anna Marie | Mar 10 2012 | 513 words | 99 hits

Brixham is a small fishing town in the southwest of England. It brings in several visitors who enjoy this hilly town and all its attractions. You will find several Brixham holiday cottages located near the beaches and the attractions. If you book them for your dog friendly holidays, you do not have to worry about travelling from one place to another. Brixham is home to several beaches and here are three of those that you might be interested in visiting during your dog friendly holidays.

Fishcombe Beach

The beautiful shingle and sand Fishcombe beach is located on a remove cove on the southwest coastal path. If you are looking for a beach that is away from the noisy crowds, this is the place that you must go to. This beach played a significant role in history as this is where William of Orange landed his army on the 15th of November 1688. This does not bring in a lot of visitors, though since there is only limited parking near the beach and the access is through a steep path that would be difficult for the disabled. It would be best to bring everything you need although there is a café nearby where you can get some food and refreshments. If you want to soak in the sun, deckchairs are available for hire. This is a great place to relax and rejuvenate during your dog friendly holidays.


Breakwater is a small but beautiful shingle beach which is located on the right side of the Brixham harbour's breakwater. On its southern end, you will find several rock pools that you might want to explore with your kids. This is where you can also find the open-air swimming pool if you are looking for some fresh water swimming. The view from the pool extends all the way to Tor Bay. Breakwater is a very clean and safe beach for swimming, being a European Blue Flag beach and a recipient of Coast awards. Ample parking is provided near the beach. Refreshments are available at food outlets near the beach and there is a shop too for other needs. However, dogs are not allowed so you will need to leave your pet behind in the holiday cottages where you are staying during your dog friendly holidays.

St Mary's Bay

St Mary's Bay is a beautiful sand and shingle beach which is located to the southwest of Berry Head. This is also a remote beach as access is quite difficult down Coligregs Steps which would be a problem for disabled visitors. Parking is available about 400 meters away from the beach. You can go swimming or soak in the sun and not be disturbed by the noise of the crowds. If you want to get away from it all while you are on dog friendly holidays St Mary's Bay would be a great place to go. Dogs are not allowed in the beach but you can always leave him to the care of the holiday cottages' staff that will take care of him while you are away. This beach has received a Seaside Award.


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