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TRAVEL TRAVEL-TIPS 4 Things You Ought To Do In India During Your First Visit

4 Things You Ought To Do In India During Your First Visit

By: Nainika Reddy | Nov 15 2013 | 468 words | 1036 hits

This article weaves a few pointers for the visitors on their maiden luxury India holidays. A list has been drawn for four things you must do in India.

You know India is that country which can sap all your money, quell your energy completely and still be left largely undiscovered. It is huge, both in the literal and figurative sense. Its geography is sprawled across several latitudes and longitudes and encompasses different mountains, hills and seas. And its culture, lifestyle and food habits are so diverse that it would take you a lifetime to discover them individually.

Yet, when you are on your maiden trip, you should do a few of these things. Check out the list:

i. Visiting the Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal is the greatest attraction in the country. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. So, it is a given fact that you ought to visit it. Thousands of foreign tourists make a trip to India every year simply to lay their eyes on this indomitable and romantic thing which we call as the Taj.

ii. Sunbathing at Goa: Luxury India holidays to Goa can be truly luxurious, and sinfully indulgent. Goa is the best holiday destination in India and the unofficial beach capital. It is full of beaches, sand, sun and sea. Sunbathing in this part of the world is like basking in happiness and glory. Goa is pretty laidback but has got a surprising number of attractions to delight your eyes. Apart from its forty-odd beaches, it has got a battery of churches, an entourage of forts and around half-a-dozen wildlife sanctuaries. Goa is also one of the best places in the country to sink into parasailing, snorkeling and an array of other beach sports. In case, Goa does not fit into your scheme of things, you can also head to Andaman Islands under luxury holidays in India. Andaman is not only home to some of the most picturesque beaches of India, but is also the resting place of the Barren Island Volcano.

iii. Temple-trailing in Madurai: When you are in India, you really cannot afford to miss out on a temple trail. India is a country with very strong religious values. People out here are pious and God-fearing. So, you will find a number of religious destinations on an Indian holiday map. Madurai is one of top destinations for a tourist. Its Meenakshi Temple is colossal and features amongst the top ten temples in India.

iv. Houseboat ride in Kerala: Take a luxury holidays in India at Kerala and let yourself drown in the beauty of nature! Kerala is truly a nature's abode. Known as God's Own Country, it offers backwaters and lagoons which are romantically known to offer soothing houseboat rides. Alternately, Dal Lake in Kashmir is also great for a romantic houseboat ride.

About author:
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