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TRAVEL TRAVEL-TIPS Board Flights to Wellington to drench in the natural bliss of the City

Board Flights to Wellington to drench in the natural bliss of the City

By: pramod | Dec 12 2012 | 539 words | 1195 hits

The capital of New Zealand, Wellington is an incredible city. It has profusion of character and allure, from the verdant hills flanking the city to the resourceful sea, and it also boasts many classy museums and landmarks. Supposedly founded in the 10th century by Kupe, the Polynesian explorer, the city has a long history to boast of. It has developed immensely and is now New Zealand's political center, as well as being the cultural and entertainment capital. It also has a unique buzz. Almost completely encompassed by hills and an extensive waterfront, the city is blessed with nature's bliss and is also home to colonial houses, intriguing government buildings and has shopping and dining to boast about.

Eclectic Heritage

The New Zealand capital has an affluence of heritage preserved in its ancient buildings than any other metropolis in the country. Boarding Cheap Flights to Wellington get a chance to explore the heritage of New Zealand's Capital metropolis. A combination of resourceful museums offering exhibits both ancient and modern and the contemporary high-rises have given the city an alluring status. The buildings of the city display unique architecture in the form of the Beehive Building and the Old Government Building, which is entirely wooden. Take a trip on the vintage Wellington Cable Car, which provides access to the spectacular Wellington Botanic Garden. The capital city has a maze of tunnels that were built during WWII and visitors can get down there and have a tour of Wrights Hill Fortress. Among the things to check out are long tunnels, gun emplacements and even operation rooms.

Blissful natural Offerings

As far as spread of attractions and entertainment options, it is the best city in New Zealand for the enjoyment factor. Booking Flights to Wellington bask in the bliss of invigorating natural offerings. It is beautifully laid out, with busy city thoroughfares, a delectable waterfront and lush hills all within the city, making it an ideal destination for walkers. Wellington Zoo is a gem with its exotic and endangered species and has a variety of programs. Close Encounter also allows little kids to handle pandas and giraffes. Aim for the Kiwi House to see some of New Zealand's native birds and to the Tropical River Trail for the rainforest. While flying with Wellington Flights bask in the nature's calming bliss.

Delightful Dining

Wellington's dining scene is a reflection of its diverse, cosmopolitan population. Eat your way around Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East in fine tapas bars, French bistros, Italian pizzerias, bakeries and delis, Indian curry houses, Greek tavernas, or Japanese noodle bars while flying with Cheap Flights to Wellington. The Wairarapa Wine Region is awash with small, boutique wineries where you can sample the fine red wines the region is famous for.

Nightlife & Entertainment

Wellington hosts a vibrant nightlife scene with a selection of pubs, bars and clubs all within a relatively short distance of one another. Check out the relaxing nightlife booking Flights to Wellington. Whether you're after a big night out, dance clubs, live music, chilled bars or quirky decor, the exciting city has something on offer for everyone. Shabby-chic boutiques, classy fashion houses, design stores, supermarkets, malls & local shopping complexes are abundant in the metropolis, adding to the charm of shopping in the city.


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Pramod Negi is an independent Travel Agent consultant who advises and counsels Cheap Flights to Wellington    how to book flights, last minute flights, airline tickets, air fare deals and direct flights deals and offers information for your travel how to find  Wellington Flights  etc.
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