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TRAVEL TRAVEL-TIPS Elephant of San Diego

Elephant of San Diego

By: mariana nikki | May 7 2012 | 501 words | 1086 hits

Since beginning of history, a settlement issue is always between human and elephants, which leads the both side toward many deaths of both communities. Since history, elephants are very destructive animals. You have not any ability to pick an animal, which is 4 to 5 tons in weight. Elephants of Africa break and tear down many trees and natural vegetation, which is very useful on one hand as it increase the growth rate and jungle become thicker, and small animals become able to eat the leaves of those plants which elephants tear and break down. However, this is very harmful for farmer human being. In Switzerland 8 years ago problem of elephants population arrived. There number was increasing so that they were dangerous for the population of other animals and human being. This situation was also same in San Diego. Therefore, the authorities of these areas decided to shot down some elephants from this large number.

The process of killing animals, which are in great numbers, is culling. This procedure is only applicable for wild animals not for every animal or its species. In the U.S during time of food, you can shot down a buck for enjoyment, food or for sport when the numbers of deer increase in the area. However, you cannot shot down any dawn or doe to make sure that their species will go into the next year safely. However, in cull the whole family included in the shot down list. This is not a light decision or just for sports. This decision look very hard and difficult when you decide to shot down a whole family or even more than that number of that animal which specie is endanger to manage its population. The better option is present to save elephants of San Diego by transferring them to another place where the number of elephants is not so great or into the parks and zoo.

The second plan is in practice by the authorities of “San Diego Zoo” who saves 11 elephants in 2003 from Switzerland when there culling was confirmed. They shifted these elephants from Switzerland to the U.S.A. Some of these elephants went to Florida while others remain in San Diego where they are carrying their reproduction is increasing. Quickly one female elephant found pregnant and one male elephant do with all other female elephants. In 8 years time they give birth to 8 baby elephants and elephants form Florida were also bring back to San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, where their number in now 17.One of the elephant, which was dominating female, died some days ago due to which now, their number dropped to 16. This death occurs due to a conflict of becoming dominant between female of this herd. Unfortunately, at the time elephants fighting there was no keeper who can see and separate them or even can give first aid to wounded elephant. When in morning keepers arrive in park they found one elephant dead with many deep wound on its body.

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