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TRAVEL TRAVEL-TIPS Most Famous Tourist Attractions In New York

Most Famous Tourist Attractions In New York

By: kristadenes | Dec 20 2012 | 529 words | 1011 hits

New York is one of the most populated and developed state of United States. The state originated in the year 1609, and since then it has come a long way, and today it is one of the most famous and most visited places of the world. The numbers of people who visit the state are in billions per year and the reason for their visit is either business or pleasure as the state has both numerous companies, offices or businesses and tourist attractions. This article however only deals with the different most famous tourist attractions that are present in the state and that attract the people from all over the world .The first and the most popular attraction is the empire state building. It is the best place to see wholeof the New York from the top. The building is one of the highest one around and one can see for miles in every direction from the top of the building and the view is breathtaking from up there. The second most visited place by the visitors is the Statue of Liberty, which was a gift to the United State to honor the friendship that took place between France and US during French revolution.

The statue today has become a symbol of freedom forthe US. The third most popular place is the Grand Central Terminal which opened up in 1913, however since then, numerous renovations has converted it in to more than just a hub for transportation. There are number of shops, restaurantsetc there for the visitors. The place has a huge history behind it and group tours that happen are the best place to get to know the history.The fourth place goes to the Rockefeller Center, which is present in midtown Manhattan and is popular or famous for its ice skating, Christmas tree, Radio city music hall and top of the rock observation deck, shopping malls, restaurants and many other reasons. Coming in at the fifth place is the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, which offers the visitors with a fascinating look in to the immigration process and immigration experience that takes place. The tour of the place and the movies played in the museum reveals the true hardships that the immigrants have to face. Apart from all that one can also learn a lot from a walk in this museum.

Staten Island Ferry takes the sixth spot in the tourist list of top attractions in the state. It is free of cost ferry for everyone and visitors use it to travel from lower Manhattan to Staten Island and on the way they can also see the statue of liberty and harbor. At the seventhplace is the American Museum of Natural History which opened in 1869 and since then the museum has never failed to meet the expectation of the visitors and surprise them, moreover the museum always have something new for the people who visit it.The eighth place goes to the Central Park, a perfect spot for enjoying a picnic in nature, boat riding and walking. These were just some of the most popular tourist attractions, apart from these there are many more and the list goes on and on.

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