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TRAVEL TRAVEL-TIPS Rajasthan Tours, live through the legacy of chivalry and grandeur

Rajasthan Tours, live through the legacy of chivalry and grandeur

By: Jennyfranklin | Apr 14 2012 | 472 words | 1131 hits

Rajasthan or the land of the Rajas, is undoubtedly the most visited tourist destination of India. This land is rich with cultural heritage and legacies, it's the land of the brave warriors and great rulers. The people of this land have pride in their history of chivalry and are hospitable at the same time. The mighty forts and monuments stand witness to the might and the romantic passion for royalty of the many kingdoms of Rajasthan. Palaces built on the vast stretch of the golden sand, on the hill tops, lakes, islands and in the middle of the city never miss to enchant the travelers and take them back to the golden era of bravery, grandeur and passion for glory.

The striking architecture of the Rajputana era is adorable and the royalty of the bygone era is clearly felt while visiting these places. The most visited monuments of Rajasthan are Amber Palace in Jaipur, Chittaurgarh Palace, Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, Jaigarh Palace in Jaipur, Jaisalmer Palace, Junagarh Place, Kishangarh Palace, Kumbhalgarh Palace, Mehrangarh Palace, Nahargarh Palace, City Place in Udaipur, Lake Palace in Udaipur and Taragarh Palace. Each of these monuments has some uniqueness and their own history and legacy. Many of the forts and palaces of the past have been converted to luxury and heritage hotels. Visited by tourist from all over the world these places let the visitors taste the luxury and royalty of the time that has passed, the hospitality of the people of Rajasthan never fails to win the hearts of even the most discerning travelers.

Rajasthan Tours is not just about the cultural heritage and its monuments, this state attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year because of its geographical distinctness and its exotic places, it also has abundance of wildlife and adventure for a traveler, it's a complete package of tourism in one state itself. Rajasthan is the state of vast deserts, hundreds of miles of golden sand and the joyful camel safaris is what keep the travelers enamored. The romantic spectacle of the red sun setting over the sand dunes at a distance are memorable and taking the camel safaris en route to a remote village listening to the tales of the deserts is an experience of a lifetime. They also have Elephant safaris for a different sort of experience.

Rajasthan Tours is also about witnessing a diversity of flora and fauna, the Rajput Royales of the olden times used to hunt for tigers and other animals in the jungles of Rajasthan. Sariska and Ranthambore National parks are home to the majestic tigers, the heart trembling roar of the tiger is what sends chills down the spine. Embark on the Rajasthan Tours and you can also see exotic birds in the Bharatpur Birds Sanctuary, it's a true delight for avid photographers and paradise for the nature lovers.


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